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Medical Astrology Treatment Changes Your Life

Vedic astrology is a deeply rooted ancient Indian science and has been applied in every aspect of our lives. One of them is in the field of medicine.


With the help of medical astrology, one can not only learn more about their current medical problems but also about the medical issues that are likely to be faced in the future.


For medical astrology, it is also said and believed that when the best medical practices are unable to help someone recover, medical astrology effectively comes to the aid of the person.


As a very basic example, with the help of medical astrology, we can also make predictions for the time steps in which a person may have to face an accident.


When we take Indian astrology into perspective, yoga is one of many important factors that can affect a person's health. While some yoga is auspicious, some are not considered auspicious. Therefore, a person's health is considered particularly weak when some yoga is going on, and the planetary transits are inauspicious. Otherwise, nobody's health is affected.



Similarly, each of the nine planets is also linked to the health of the person.


If the Sun is weak in someone's Kundalini, they may have a headache or heart problem. Similarly, the moon can cause a person to remain calm or irritated repeatedly. Similarly, Mars is also related to surgery and accidents. And Mercury is the main planet for the intelligence of the person. It can also cause problems with voice, skin, or neck.

Jupiter is associated with obesity and diabetes, and Saturn is said to be associated with long-term illnesses and dental problems.

Like the planets, each house is also connected to certain parts of the body, and also to disorders.


The first house is connected with longevity and overall health, and the second house represents the right eye, throat, and neck. Similarly, the third house signifies one's ears, shoulders, and arms.


Remedy in Medicinal Astrology


For medicinal astrology, remedies are often focused on pleasing a certain god or goddess, or strengthening the influence of a certain planet. Or the focus may be on reducing negativity arising from a certain transit or sum.


Alternatively, remedies for medical astrology can be in the form of mantras, or as an implementation of gem therapy, in which a gemstone can be used to fill the aura with a certain color whose aura May have less strength. And it will work effectively towards the treatment of any medical problem that a person may have to face.

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