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The Increase of Live Dealers: Connecting the Difference in On the web Casino Gaming

Posted by Harry on May 26, 2024 at 8:48am 0 Comments

In recent decades, engineering has unquestionably revolutionized numerous groups, and the entire world of gaming is not any exception. With the arrival of on the web casinos, the gaming business has experienced a shift from conventional brick-and-mortar establishments to digital programs, enabling people to engage in their favorite casino games from the ease of these homes. This short article delves into the electronic change of the casino earth, considering its benefits, concerns, and what the… Continue

Mobile phone signal interference jammer, detailed explanation of signal jammer application fields

Cell phone signal blockers are mainly used in various examination rooms, schools, gas stations, churches, courts, libraries, conference centers (rooms), theaters, hospitals, governments, finance, prisons, public security, military areas and other places where the use of mobile phones is prohibited. It is understood that the mobile phone signal jammers currently on the market can limit mobile phone signals beyond 500 meters from the transmitting station. For example, Jinyuda's P501 jammer has a range radius of >20 meters. The shielding radius is adjustable and the coverage range reaches more than 30 square meters. The mobile phone signal jammer can only block mobile phone signals without affecting other electronic devices. Save electricity, the power is 12W--480W.

It looks like a WIFI transmitter, and the principle is actually the same.

When a mobile phone works, it operates within a certain frequency range. The mobile phone and the base station are connected through radio waves to complete the transmission of data and sound at a certain baud rate and modulation method.

cell phone blockers

Common mobile phone signal jammers on the market have operating frequencies: 869~894MHz; 925~960MHz; 1805~1880MHz and

Detailed explanation of how to crack mobile phone signal jammer

Various styles of signal jammers

1900~1990MHz, etc. The applicable frequency bands are CDMA800, GSM900, DCS1800, and PCS1900. It can control a range of about 40 meters in diameter, using a DC-DC converter input voltage and 5V output voltage.

After 3G signals were launched, the working frequency bands of signal jammers for sale on the market today have also been upgraded from the previous four frequency bands to five frequency bands. On the basis of the previous four frequency bands, an additional frequency band of 2100 to 2200 has been added for shielding. and interfere with the 3G frequency band.

During the working process, the mobile phone jammer scans from the low-end frequency of the forward channel to the high-end frequency at a certain speed. This scanning speed can cause garbled interference in the message signals received by the mobile phone. The mobile phone cannot detect normal data sent from the base station, making it impossible for the mobile phone to establish a connection with the base station. The mobile phone shows symptoms such as searching the network, no signal on the mobile phone, and no service system.

So how to crack the mobile phone signal jammer? ,

Detailed explanation of how to crack mobile phone signal jammer

first method

cut off energy supply

To put it bluntly, this thing relies on power supply to operate. If you cut off the power, it will just become a decoration.

Of course, if you feel unable to cope with the pressure and investigation from the school and the Education Bureau, you can also choose power stations, substations, transformers and wires.

The second method

physical damage

The last middle school was based on the inability to cope with the pressure and investigation from the school and the Education Bureau. If you have a way to deal with it, choose this one. It doesn't matter if it is blocked or not, just smash it to pieces.

Third method

This method is more euphemistic. If you have a strong relationship with a light and powerful background but still cannot deal with the pressure and investigation from the school and the Education Bureau, you can choose this method. The working function of the mobile phone signal jammer is based on those few antennas and antennas. To achieve this, all you have to do is to disassemble it. You only need a screwdriver to achieve this. As long as the transmission of the antenna is cut off, it is a pure waste of electricity. After all, physics is not learned for free, and this method is very simple to operate!

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