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More than Air - Know All About Scuba Diving Gas Mixes

Many individuals consider the plunging chamber an oxygen tank. Yet, did you realize that jumpers can inhale different gases and specialized combinations? Peruse on to find out about the distinction between every one of these scuba jumping gas blends and where you can utilize them.

Old fashioned Air

Air is the gas of decision for each plunge resort since it contains sufficient oxygen (79% nitrogen, 21% oxygen) and is modest.

The main issue is that the nitrogen your tissues ingest during plunge and base time is delivered on climb. This nitrogen load confines base occasions and the rising rate. Nitrogen likewise keeps you from going a lot further.

That is the reason air is best utilized for sporting plunging down to 130 feet.


Nitrox contains from 22 to 40 percent oxygen (air has just 21%, recall?) There is a typical legend that nitrox permits you to plunge further and remain down longer. Your breathing rate stays same and you'll inhale the tank down at a similar rate.


Be that as it may, nitrox can broaden no-decompression limits (NDLs) on the grounds that nitrox contains less nitrogen and your body retains less nitrogen.

Nitrox is effectively accessible besides at remote destinations yet you really want verification of certificate to plunge this gas.


Trimix is a combination of oxygen, nitrogen and helium. Since helium is idle, it doesn't respond with our bodies at scuba profundities and allows you to have an unmistakable head. Normal Trimix contains 21% oxygen, 35% helium and 44 percent nitrogen. This permits specialized jumpers to go up to 197 feet or 60 m.

For jumps further than 60 meters, hypoxic Trimix or a combination with 70% helium is utilized.

Trimix is accessible at resorts that offer specialized plunging courses. Evidence of certificate to plunge this gas is required. It is a costly gas to utilize and jumpers use rebreathers to minimize the expenses.

Decompression gases

Utilized for decompression plunging, you want decompression blends that are 50 to 80 percent nitrox and 100% oxygen. Be that as it may, you should be a prepared specialized jumper to acquire the abilities important to plunge securely.

Business and Exotic Gases

Business plunging industry generally utilizes Heliox instead of Trimix. A combination of helium and oxygen can be utilized around the profundities 984 feet or 300 m! To go considerably more profound, Hydrox is utilized. It is a combination of hydrogen and oxygen utilized by exploratory business jumpers.

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