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Merry fisher 795

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The Merry Fisher 795 epitomizes efficiency and innovation, blending the best of cruising and fishing capabilities. It features a sleek design, spacious cabin, and ample deck space. This model is equipped with advanced navigation technology and a powerful engine, ensuring a smooth and safe journey. Ideal for family outings or fishing adventures, the Merry Fisher 795 offers comfort, stability, and versatility, making it a top choice for sea enthusiasts seeking a reliable and stylish… Continue

In India Narayan nagbali pooja is only performed in Trimbakeshwar, near Ahilya Godavari Sangam at Sati Maha-Smashan. Narayan nagbali pooja is the three days retual. Narayan bali puja and Nagbali puja are two different types of puja which performed for different purposes. Both this puja methods are performed simultaneously. Narayan nagbali poojja also called as Pitru Dosh nivaran puja. Narayan nagbali pooja helps us to give the highest state of moksha to our relatives souls or any souls.

What are the benefits of Narayan Nagbali Pooja?

Narayan bali puja helps us to give the highest state of moksha to our forefathers souls.
Nag bali puja helps us to remove the sin of killing a snake.
Pooja creates a positive vibes and happiness in whole family
Good educational life
Remove all the illnesses from life.
Helps in fulfilling dreams
Remove the difficulties in having a child
Give salvation to the souls
To get free from Pitru Dosha effects

Trimbakeshwar Naryan Nagbali Pooja :

Narayan bali puja is the pooja which only performed at Trimbakeshwar Jyotirlinga Temple. Under the guidance of Trimbakeshwar Pandits. People believe that who visit Trimbakeshwar Jyotrilinga once in life they gate of salvation. Trimbakeshwar Jyotirlinga is the holy place which dedicated to Lord Shiva. Trimbakeshwar is the origin of holy Godavari river. Trimbakeshwar Jyotirlinga is the only Jyotirlinga among 12 Jyotrilinga which have three faces. Which represent “Trimurties” Lord Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh. Performing this pooja or any other pooja on this holy land gives you positivity and full of satisfaction of ritual’s.

Trimbakeshwar Pandit to perform Narayan Nagbali Pooja :

Narayan bali puja and Nagbali puja both the pooja performed under the guidance of Trimbakeshwars “Tamrapatradhari pandits”. “Tamrapatra” holder pandits are the local pandits, and they all are member of Purohit Sangh Sansthan. Only they are authorized pandits of Trimbakeshwr. Trimbakeshwar pandits performs many types of pooja like Kaal sarp dosh puja, Narayan nagbli pooja, Tripindi Shradh pooja, Kumbh vivah, Mahamrityunjay mantra jaap, Rudrabhishek pooja. If you are new in Trimbakeshwar be aware of fake pandits. Trimbakeshwar organization arranged the online pandit booking facility portal. You can visit on this portal to book online pandit.

Narayan Nagbali Pooja Cost :

Pooja cost depend on the samagri which is used during the pooja and havan. And what dakshina we give to the guruji it's completely depended on us.

Narayan Nagbali Pooja dates :

The dates of pooja based on the Nakshatra. During Pitru Paksha is the very big muhurta for this pooja.

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