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Independent, I went into her room without understanding what had happened to Leah. Leah lay face down on the bed. But she immediately jumped up as soon as she heard my voice. Mom, come out; I need to talk to Natasha's prostitutes. Antonina Ivanovna looked at us anxiously and left, closing the door. Leah threw herself on my chest and burst into tears. Leah, come on, what happened? I did my best to comfort Leah. Natasha, I made an irreparable mistake. interim services. It's all over for me! What's over? It's all over! Life is over; happiness is over!

She began to cry again. Natasha, I'm not a girl anymore. intimate leisure individuals, do you know Tolka Silaev? I nodded. Tolka, the scoundrel, took advantage of the fact that I treated him well. When everyone dispersed, he detained me, offered to drink another goodbye, and began to crawl towards me with the paws of a prostitute. I already had a bad idea of what he was doing. I just didn’t understand anything anymore and didn’t resist intimacy. I woke up when it was all over. He stroked me and mumbled some kind of apology. I hate his greasy, lustful face!

I can't look my mother in the eyes. How will I meet with you all? I can't walk the streets or appear in front of people. It seems to me that looking at me and seeing that I am no longer a girl and that sweaty, dirty paws touched me If you saw this bastard when he was undressed, I'm still sick; I just remember it. I reassured Leah as much as I could, although I needed consolation no less than her intimate leisure. All night we whispered in the dark, lying on the same bed, making plans for the future and sharing mutual grievances. My story shocked Leah. With burning curiosity, she asked me for details. By morning, a decision had been made: to graduate from the institute, to enlist together at some weather station, and to try to bypass the male prostitutes. The man was very difficult. Natasha and I dragged him into the control room with difficulty. the sex services of a prostitute. He's all icy. We pulled off his outer clothing, shirt, and tights and transferred the prostitute's bed to Natashka's bed. Natasha took a woollen scarf, moistened it with alcohol, and ordered me to rub it, and she began to heat the water and fiddle with the first-aid kit. I looked at the hero prostrate in front of me, overgrown with a thick reddish beard, and did not know where to start. Seeing my confusion,

Natasha came up and, with a decisive movement, took off the victim's underpants, instead throwing a towel on them, and showed me how to rub, drawing my attention to the legs and right hand, the fingers of which were completely white. I energetically set to work, and after a few minutes, my fingers were no longer white and my body turned pink. With my sudden movements, the towel shifted several times. I corrected it, trying not to look at what was under it, but from time to time, my eyes stopped on the towel, and a picture appeared before my eyes, which I saw for only a few moments until Natasha threw the towel on. The man opened his eyes and said something. I wrapped him in our blankets and Natasha's fur coat. Natasha began to give him medicines and tea at his leisure. Escort Services: Dating and Sex Late in the evening, having finally finished with all the troubles, we lay down in my room on the bed. Excited by the event, I could not sleep at all. Pictures came to mind, inspired by the sight of the body of a naked man. Our decision with Natasha to avoid men was one I endured quite easily. The prostitute, Natasha, had a harder time. She got used to regularly satisfying her passion, and here at a remote weather station, we were alone for a long time. One day, bad weather brought a group of tourists to our station. They spent the night in our control room, and the next day they went on sex service. After they left, we found an abandoned Danish magazine and three photographs enclosed in it. The magazinewas left, of course, not by chance but deliberately, in order to embarrass two lonely girls. Natasha looked at the pictures with a certain understanding of what was depicted there.

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