For many men, who suffer at times from male sexual performance issues, the use of natural foods could help the body and its sexual performance. American Natural Super Reds There shouldn't be any shame or stigma associated with such an issue. In fact, the only people who should be embarrassed are those who refuse to understand and accept that issues like poor sexual performance can happen to anybody.

There has been plenty of study on issues relating to performance. In men, it could lead to the medical condition that's known as erectile dysfunction. The radio and television waves are full of commercials promising this sort of chemical fix or another. But do our bodies really and truly need an artificial chemical stimulant every single time? Most medical or clinical professionals would probably say "no."

Oftentimes, when male patients suffering from such dysfunctions go to their physician about such an issue, there seems to be a sort of barrier between the patient and the doctor, at least initially. Face it; many men look at shortfalls in performance - whether related to physical or what they believe to be mental issues - as some sort of comment on their whole being.

This is of course a mistaken belief, but many medical professionals must work hard to get men to open up, so to speak, when it comes to these issues. Fortunately, once a male and his clinician eliminate those barriers to discussion, it's often found - after a little bit of medical investigation and testing - that something like erectile dysfunction that's causing poor sexual performance might be the result of physical conditions that aren't related at all to sexuality.

A common malady many men can suffer from is what's termed "metabolic syndrome." In it, males demonstrate low DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone) levels, which have been found to be a significant marker in just about any man who has difficulty in attaining and then maintaining an erection. There are reasons for why men begin to experience lowered DHEA, and quite often the same men also suffer from elevated insulin.

Unfortunately, many men - all of whom require a healthy level of DHEA and an at least "normal" range of insulin to make it possible to attain erection - are woefully uneducated when it comes to the relationship between natural body function and diet.

Fortunately, though, many healthcare providers understand this, and have been able to get males to understand that dysfunctions revolving around such things as low DHEA and high insulin can be effectively treated through dietary therapies. They are taking their patients by the hand and showing them how to use diet to keep a body in tip-top shape. A beneficial effect to being in such condition is increased ability to perform at sexually-optimal levels.

What is doubly-surprising to many men is that there seems to be a direct causal link between digestive health and the ability to experience erection and sexual fulfillment. Natural cures do exist, though, and many revolve around doing the dietary things necessary to restoring good health to the mucosal surfaces that shield the digestive system. There are also commercial remedies available, which is fortuitous.

One company offers a substance known as cascara which can be used when severely constipated. Opening up the bowels is essential. To repair the mucosal lining can be done with foods like butter, organic coconut oil and raw or unfiltered honey which can do wonders for the body's digestive system and also its ability to perform at the highest levels of sexual performance. Many men, after following such dietary protocols, report a new sense of worth and a desire to get in even better shape.

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