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NDIS Support Coordination: Empowering You to Achieve Your Goals

Navigating the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) can be a complex journey, but with the right support, it can also be an empowering and transformative experience. My DSS offers NDIS Support Coordination services to ensure that you get the best start with your NDIS plan. Their dedicated team of Support Coordinators takes a person-centred approach, working alongside you to understand your individual needs and goals, and connecting you with the most suitable local support providers. With a focus on honest communication and quality care, My DSS strives to help you get the best value from your NDIS plan. NDIS Support Coordination

What is NDIS Support Coordination?

NDIS Support Coordination is a critical service designed to assist NDIS participants in making the most of their plans. It acts as a guiding hand, helping participants explore the available services and supports, making informed choices that align with their needs and aspirations. The primary goal of NDIS Support Coordination is to empower individuals to exercise choice and control over their plan while building their capacity to manage it more independently in the future.

The Role of My DSS NDIS Support Coordinators

Person-Centred Approach: My DSS adopts a person-centred approach, meaning they place your needs, preferences, and goals at the forefront of the support they provide. Their Support Coordinators take the time to understand your unique circumstances, enabling them to offer tailored solutions that truly meet your requirements.

Connecting with Local Support Providers: The NDIS Support Coordinators at My DSS are well-connected with local service providers and supports. They work diligently to find the most suitable options that align with your needs, ensuring you receive the highest standard of care.

Guiding Your Choices: NDIS plans offer a range of service options, which can be overwhelming to navigate alone. My DSS Support Coordinators are there to guide you through the process, helping you explore the services on offer and make informed decisions that best suit your individual goals.

Negotiating Service Agreements: My DSS facilitates smooth communication between you and your chosen support providers. They negotiate service agreements to ensure that your supports align with your needs and are functioning effectively.

Building Your Capacity: My DSS is committed to empowering you to take control of your NDIS plan. Their Support Coordinators work collaboratively with you, helping you understand the details of your plan and how to utilize it effectively. They aim to build your capacity to manage your plan independently in the future.

Assisting with Plan Review: NDIS plans are not static; they evolve as your needs and circumstances change. My DSS Support Coordinators assist you in planning and preparing for your plan review, ensuring that your evolving needs are adequately addressed.

Resolving Complex Issues

When challenges arise with your supports, My DSS Support Coordinators are there to assist in resolving complex issues. They advocate on your behalf and work tirelessly to ensure that your support arrangements are running smoothly and effectively.


Navigating the NDIS can be made significantly more manageable and empowering with the assistance of NDIS Support Coordination services. My DSS is dedicated to providing high-quality support, connecting you with local service providers, and ensuring your individual needs and goals are met. With a person-centred approach and a commitment to building your capacity and control over your NDIS plan, My DSS Support Coordinators are your dedicated partners on this transformative journey. Let them guide you to make the most of your NDIS plan and help you achieve your aspirations with confidence and empowerment.

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