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Before The Walking Dead appeared in 2010, zombie movies were extinct. However, like the undead monsters, the public's need for more zombie movies catapulted them back into the mainstream. The well-liked AMC series was campy and featured the traditional, lumbering walkers, but films like 28 Days Later and World War Z that came out soon after increased the ante.

Especially amid Netflix's ramp-up of Korean programming, the South Korean horror movie Train to Busan brought zombie flicks to a new height in 2016. Its popularity has infused the genre with fresh creative vitality. Timing is everything, as they say. Interestingly, Netflix doesn't include World War Z or Train to Busan in its collection but has many other excellent contents. Below are few of the Best Zombie Movies On Netflix.

The Dead Army

Around the same time that Justice League was re-released, Zack Snyder's zombie version of the film—featuring Dave Bautista in his first significant main role—was released on Netflix. Additionally, the zombie heist movie served as a welcome reminder to viewers of the same director's 2004 version of Dawn of the Dead. Due to Army of the Dead's popularity, Army of Thieves was created as a spin-off.

 Kingdom: Ashin of the North

Ashin of the North, a prequel movie that elaborates on the enigmatic Ashin's past, is a spinoff of the South Korean zombie television series Kingdom. The historical drama also reveals how this tale's dead are brought back to life. But you won't reveal that to you just now.


While playing a game with pals and tuning out the news, a Korean gamer discovers that zombies have overrun his neighborhood. Chaos then breaks out. The comedy-yet-frightening tone of the movie comes through thanks to Yoo Ah-excellent in's performance as he and his introverted buddies fight for survival.


In this zombie survival movie starring Martin Freeman, the dangerous components are less important than the emotional tale. Cargo is less concerned with terrifying you out of your wits than it is with preserving mankind, and there's nothing wrong with that. It also has a baby in tow and contains little to no blood.

In the newest science fiction film at Time Travel Movies Netflix, Adam Reed (Ryan Reynolds), a fighter pilot from the year 2050, goes back in time to meet up with his father (Mark Ruffalo) and his younger self (Walker Scobell) to rescue the world. Some people know of time travel, including Italian theoretical physicist The Order of Time and Seven Brief Lessons on Physics best-selling author Carlo Rovelli. Rovelli thinks that you can't travel through timeless due to the laws of physics and more due to a problem that most people encounter periodically during their lives: a shortage of funds.

In other words, if you only had the Top Adulting Movies In Netflix, time travel would be a breeze. It also helps grasp quantum theory, but it is a little more difficult. Instead, most of us are content to immerse ourselves in a fictitious, sanitized interpretation of what time travel entails. In time-travel movies, you must go along for the journey because the theories are established, the complex formulas are spelled out, and the starships are already paid.

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