New house decoration will not choose curtains? Six kinds of fabrics have their own advantages and disadvantages.

For new house decoration, the choice and purchase of curtains is essential. Curtains serve not only to block out light and sound, but also to protect our privacy at home. A good fabric design curtain can also enhance the appearance of the home and decorate every window.

As we all know, curtain fabrics, styles are varied and prices are different, which curtains are better? How should I choose Roman Shade Curtain for my new room layout? They are all very picky. Next, we will give you a comprehensive analysis, read it and you will understand.

Classification of curtain fabrics

We know that there are many kinds of fabrics, but in fact there are only six kinds of fabrics used for curtains:linen, cotton linen, polyester, chenille, facecloth, gauze.

1. Linen curtains

Linen is twisted into a line with flax, the surface is rough and uneven, but this cloth is the most molded in the textile.

Linen curtains, from the appearance of a relatively simple, give a natural warm feeling, feel rough, feel worse, from the functional point of view, linen curtains are hotter, but the shading effect is not good. The price is moderate.

2. Cotton linen curtains

Cotton linen can be simply understood as a cotton cloth containing hemp, the appearance of no difference with linen, the texture of the same with the rough, but in the shading is superior to linen. Cotton linen curtains, easy to wrinkle, but the price is lower than linen, cost-effective requirements.

3. Polyester curtains

Polyester curtains are flat, not easy to wrinkle, strong sense of verticality, can be said to be the most ideal curtain material. Cost-effective, low price. From the breathability and light blocking, polyester curtains are not good or bad, but from the texture, polyester fabric curtains are not good enough.

4. Chenille curtains

Chenille, also known as "chenille", as curtains, give a person a high-grade luxury feeling, strong texture, soft, rough texture, strong sagging. Chenille is also very superior in terms of sunshade and soundproof performance. But rope velvet curtains lack of elasticity, container wrinkle, impermeable, low coloring, easy to fade after cleaning, expensive.

5. Velvet curtains

Velvet curtains feel good, soft and comfortable, sagging, the market is more popular velvet, corduroy two kinds of warm feel, strong shading effect, sound insulation effect, is considered a lightweight luxury. The disadvantage is that it is easy to hang ash, thicker, not easy to clean, cleaning will also appear shrinkage, the price is higher.

6. Yarn curtains

Gauze curtains have a good texture, relatively light and thin, very suitable for creating the atmosphere of the living room, improve the value of the home, breathable, but poor shading, poor sound insulation, and easy to damage. In terms of price, gauze curtains are the cheapest.

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