Nine offers a wide range of dissolvable plugs for different temperature and pressure

Since then, various leading suppliers of composite frac plugs, such as haliburton, baker hughes, and schlumberger, have also launched dissolvable frac plugs and are offering a unique product portfolio in this market. The attractiveness of the market has led to the entry of the leading oil & gas industry players, who were not even into composite frac plugs manufacturing. For instance, recently in feb 2019, a us-based oil & gas multinational corporation, national oilwell varco , has launched vapr dissolvable frac plugs.

The key dissolvable frac plug manufacturers are baker hughes, haliburton company, klx energy services, kureha corporation, innovex downhole solutions, inc., nine energy service, inc., schlumberger limited, and maverick downhole technologies inc.Frac Plugs The third approach to hydraulic fracturing is a hybrid method that uses a combination of composite and dissolvable fracture plugs in the wellbore. The hybrid method is commonly used in some regions for hydraulic fracturing in long laterals.

Operators performing hydraulic fracturing are keen to adopt different technologies and products which can maximize their production and save their cost and time of fracturing. These requisites have led to the evolvement of dissolvable frac plugs in the fracturing industry. A second method of hydraulic fracturing uses only dissolvable fracture plugs in the wellbore. The use of only dissolvable technology is a new approach in the energy industry, and it is currently gaining momentum with many stages completed to date. When only dissolvable fracture plugs are used, there are no materials remaining in the wellbore for milling. A lower-cost cleanup run might be needed to remove residual proppant from the wellbore.

Increase in the demand for natural gas across the globe and rise in the market competition in the region are anticipated to drive the dissolvable frac plug market in north america in the near future. The tool cost is a function of the cost of the fracture plugs, cost of installing the plugs and cost of removing the plugs. The costs are broken down into the cost of the composite fracture plug, the cost of the dissolvable fracture plug, and the cost of the mill run or the cleanup run. The risk of prematurely setting a fracture plug is a good example of how to understand the risk cost profile.

But some of these high-strength materials are nondissolvable, and materials that easily disintegrate in wellbore fluids are usually low in mechanical strength, and may disintegrate too fast. But when interventionless downhole tools leave obstructions in the wellbore or restrict access, they can also complicate operations—now, and later. Eric bruseth eric bruseth is the team lead of the global applications engineers at packers plus. He joined the company in 2010 and has worked on a variety of projects, ranging from small tool redesigns to implementing offshore hpht lower completions. He received his bachelor of science degree in petroleum engineering from montana technological university, butte, mont. An operator working in the bakken shale was looking to streamline its completion operations by utilizing zipper fracs on a well pad.

Assuming a three-day coil tubing cleanout run, dissolvables reduce carbon footprint by 18 percent or about 13.3 metric tons of co2e. Dissolvable plugs that can circumvent intervention entirely reduce carbon footprint by 91 percent, or roughly 67.3 metric tons of co2e, over composites. In response, magnum oil tools developed a dissolvable thermoplastic ball, which revolutionized pug-and-perf technology. Magnum’s prototype passed american petroleum institute inspection on its first test and quickly went into field trials. Within six months, the company had commercialized a product that was in high market demand. Known for being a tight reservoir, the barnett shale was a crucible for innovation in hydraulic fracturing.

Dissolvable frac plug reduces costs & risks of long laterals

The echo cl plug assures both exceptional performance and reliable dissolution in traditional brine environments, high or lower temperatures. This range of performance is attainable due to gryphon’s extensive research into advanced alloy technologies, and the creation of the ideal mix of materials and product design, centered around achieving the ideal downhole performance characteristics. The echo cl plug is a fully dissolvable frac plug that utilizes both dissolvable magnesium alloys and dissolvable elastomers to achieve optimal results.

Mark shaffer mark shaffer is the business development representative of frac plugs for the united states at packers plus. He joined the company in 2018 as a well services engineer, bringing two years of hydraulic fracturing field experience to the team. Mr. Shaffer’s primary focus is now growing the market share of the firm’s lightning frac plug product line. He graduated from new mexico institute of mining and technology, socorro, n.M., in 2017 with a bs degree in petroleum engineering.

The company brings years of experience with a deep commitment to serving clients with smarter, customized solutions and world-class resources that drive efficiencies. Strategically located throughout the u.S. And in canada, nine continues to differentiate itself through superior service quality, wellsite execution and cutting-edge technology. Nine is headquartered in houston, texas, with operating facilities in the permian, eagle ford, scoop/stack, niobrara, barnett, bakken, marcellus, utica and canada. In response, magnum oil tools developed a dissolvable thermoplastic ball, revolutionizing sliding-sleeve technology. Known as a tight reservoir, the barnett shale was a crucible for innovation in hydraulic fracturing. In the early 2000s, production began a sharp uptick, with sliding-sleeve technology the most popular completion method.

This flexible system is suitable for cemented, uncemented, vertical, deviated, or horizontal applications in shale, sandstone, dolomite, and other lithologies. Mechanical strength, engineering seals, integrity, and total disintegration are challenges for frac-plug. Steelhaus’ hydrostim™ toe initiation valve is designed to provide an economic means to initiate communication with the reservoir.

Throughout our operational activities, our mission includes the philosophy of zero harm to our employees, our contractors, the public and the environment. Fracxion micro is designed for milling out with minimum torque, generating small cuttings that are easily circulated out of the well. Frac pumps, equipment costs make up 24% of total costs, including the costs of equipment and horsepower required for the specific treatment. Product sheet unity single-use wireline adapter kit and frac plug setting tool accelerate rig-up, reduce risk, and improve reliability.

The researchers at tmr keep a close watch on the market and extract beneficial growth-boosting points. These points help the stakeholders to strategize their business plans accordingly. The average annual consumption of natural gas in the middle east rose by 5.6% in the last decade, whereas the average annual consumption in asia pacific increased by 5% during the same period. An enabling dialogue lists what a dissolving fracture plug brings to the market. Operations are possible in remote locations with no access to mechanical intervention units.

He then went to work for elite well services in may 2017 as a field frac engineer. The full lineup includes the lightning frac plug and lightningplus composite plug, which both enable quick mill-out times, and the lightningbolt dissolvable plug, to fully eliminate mill-out. Most wells need 10,000-psi rated frac plugs that can be installed in the wellbore so cluster perforating operations can be carried out.

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