Occasionally pouring hot water into the sink can help to clean out oil stains, but this can be very

Like many families have such a habit, pour all kinds of leftovers in the sink. This habit makes it easily to get the drain clogged. Because the oil pollution in leftovers is large, and these oil pollution will stick to the inner wall of the drainage pipe after cooling, which will increase after many years, cause drainage pipe blocked. So pour hot water inside to dredge. Does it work?

(a) : why it is ok to pour a little hot water into the washing basin occasionally?

(1) if occasionally we pour a small amount of hot water into the washing dish, it is to use hot water to dissolve a layer of oil sticked to the inner wall of the drainage pipe of our sink.

(2) poured hot water in the sink, in fact, can also better clean our washing basin.

(b) : why can't you pour a lot of hot water into the washing basin?

(1) Often use a lot of hot water, will make the drainage pipe heat deformation.

(2) the sewer pipe cracks, especially when we pour a lot of hot water into the washing basin.

(3) The connection part of the drainage pipe glue failure, and final result is water seepage and leakage.

(c) : what are the suggestions for the use of kitchen sink?

(1) For a large number of oil stains, I suggest that you dilute them with detergent and then pour them into the pipe.

(2)we must resolutely put an end to a situation, that is, the hot pot inside are oil substrate directly into the washing basin.

(3)Finally,use special dredging agent for kitchen water dredging once every a few months.


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