Only Fresh Applicants Will Receive F1 Student Visas This Summer

Here is the Exciting news to the First time F-1 Student visa applicants!

The United States government has just announced a significant modification in policy, which states that for the summer of 2018, only new applications would be examined for F1 student visas. Students who have previously applied for and been granted F1 visas will not be able to submit an application for the same programme a second time because of this change. Due to the present pandemic situation and the requirement to give priority to incoming students over returning ones, a decision has been made to prioritise new students over returning ones.

Students from other countries can obtain permission to study in the United States by applying for an F1 student non-immigrant visa. Students who have been accepted by an educational institution in the United States and who can provide evidence that they have the financial resources to support their tuition and living expenses throughout their time studying in the United States are eligible to apply for the visa.

Students are encouraged to submit their F1 visa student applications well in advance of their desired start dates, typically several months or even a full year in advance. The COVID-19 outbreak has, however, caused significant disruption to the process of applying for a visa, as a large number of US consulates and embassies have either closed their doors or are functioning at a reduced capacity. As a direct consequence of this, a significant number of students who had hoped to spend the previous academic year pursuing their education in the United States were unable to secure the necessary visas and were forced to postpone their travel.

Only F1 student visas are affected by the new policy; other types of non-immigrant visas, such as H1B work visas or tourist visas, are not affected in any way. The United States government has not disclosed any information regarding the length of time that this policy will continue to be in effect or whether it will be extended to cover other types of visas.

Students and educational institutions have provided a range of responses to the decision. Some are in favour, while others are against. Although there are those who are happy about the change, there are also some who feel that it is unfair to returning students because they have already put time and money into their education plans.

Because of the new approach, first-time visa applicants have the potential to improve their chances of being granted an F1 visa during the upcoming summer, when the number of applicants is anticipated to be fewer than it often is. However, in order to be eligible for the programme, students will need to satisfy all of the eligibility requirements and provide evidence that they will be able to support themselves financially while they are studying in the United States.

Because of the new regulation, returning students may have to wait an additional period of time before they are permitted to enter the United States to resume their education. There is a possibility that some individuals will be able to apply for other sorts of visas, such as J1 exchange visitor visas; however, these visas each have their own set of eligibility requirements as well as restrictions.


The new regulation surrounding F1 student visas is an important development that will have an impact on the thousands of students who are intending to study in the United States during the summer. Although it may be beneficial to prospective candidates, it also introduces significant hurdles for returning students who had previously planned to complete their study in the United States. As the pandemic scenario continues to develop, it is unknown whether the policy will be altered or extended, and it is also uncertain how it will affect the entire landscape of foreign education.

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