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Picking the Right Bedsheet Design to Enhance Your Room

"Chaddar" virtually translated indicates Sleep sheet. Before I create any such thing further on this matter their price saying that in Hindu culture specially in the Punjab a woman had no share in the property. Thus in case a man died his wife could have a hard time as she learned nothing. All this was just changed in 1955 when Nehru caused the Hindu relationship behave

How Society Reacted to Widows Rehabilitation

Punjabi culture had its own alternative for a challenge of a widow and her potential life lenzuola. They used a custom that needed treatment of the problem. No one is aware how this custom originated. The custom included the wife of a dead person marrying younger brother (her brother in law). This is performed in a quick ceremony where in fact the widow put a bright Chaddar (bed sheet) on younger brother. From that time she became the wife of younger brother. This is performed to help keep the woman in exactly the same household and give safety to kiddies from the initial marriage. Usually her living was doomed. As may be believed girl was pushed in to this alliance by the mother in laws.

Sensible Facets of Chaddar

Placing the chaddar had its own problems. In some cases a widow became the second wife of her brother in law. In different cases the bridegroom was significantly young compared to widow, the relationship was consummated. There have been cases of a widow entering a new home maintain wherever there were previously pubescent daughters. That had its own problems but the typically placing the chaddar on younger brother gave a new lease of living to the widow in terms of sex, companionship and status.

Effectation of the Chaddar on Land Holdings

One reason for placing the chaddar is to avoid fragmentation of area holdings. In the Punjab area has huge value and agricultural area in particular is really a status symbol. That is specially prevalent among the Jat neighborhood, that are the significant owners of area in the Punjab.

After a woman cast a chaddar on her behalf husband's young brother she became his wife and all the area owned by the parent brother came to younger brother. Thus fragmentation of the agricultural lands was avoided and area stayed within the family.

New Life for the widow.

Ladies in Hindu and Sikh culture had no place after she became a widow. Widow remarriage started vary late just in late 19th century. By having the ceremony of the Chaddar, in reality gave a new living to the widow. She again became a married girl a'Suhagan '. There is no stigma mounted on such marriages and the spiritual leaders supported this custom.

Kiddies created of the parent husband also found a home. While some piquant situations were developed in that the earlier in the day wife (in event the brother was married) had to modify to the brand new wife also.

Accomplishment of Such marriages

Such marriages were typically successful. One reason for this is actually the fascination in Indian folklore for the Bhabhi or wife of the parent brother for younger brother. Umpteen reports and ballads speak of the love between a Bhabhi and her Devar (younger brother of the husband). Thus all marriages fell in a rhythm and were typically successful.

The view of the widow was never taken and she was estimated to place the bright chaddar around her husband's young brother at the first possibility following the funeral of her husband. Grieving and mourning for any length of time was not in vogue.


Several writers have discussing this custom. But the absolute most popular story on this matter is "Ek Chaddar Mailee see" (One ruined Sleep sheet). That story which was also made into a movie mirrors the conflict in Punjabi culture when such marriages needed place.

The story applies the history of a man who's murdered by some individuals who suspected he had raped their cousin in a temple. The widow named Rano is pushed to place the chaddar round the shoulders of her brother in-law who's 10 years young to her and who she had handled all along as a child. The pubescent girl becomes very zealous of her mother and uncles relationship and even attempts to end her life. The story highlight's such situations, but over all the effect of placing the chaddar on younger brother's shoulders was good.

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