There are many principles to follow for web designing and as a student of MCA colleges in Jaipur, there are many opportunities for you to learn about the subject comprehensively. The common points to be followed are as follows:
Designs are not just visual: Design is not just the façade; it is an entire personality beneath. For some reason, design has been misunderstood solely as the visual part of the website. Design is the entire experience that the users gain after they enter your site. Design is the 'how' and 'why' people want to use the site; the speed at which the site loads; the interaction between hover, click and touch; and the pace at which you deliver new features and content. All of these concepts comprise design. Because design is meant for the entire experience, every individual on a project is a designer. Any team member who sets out to discover how the user interacts with the site is a designer. The frontend, backend and project management should all be thinking about design.
Being user-centric: Users are paramount and should always be at the forefront of every decision about your site or app. Designs should enable your users to attain their goals with speed, effectiveness.
Design is in detail: Details are capable of making a 'good' design 'great'. Attention to detail in a user experience can be the difference between a satisfied user and an annoyed one. Focusing on the details too early is unnecessary and can slow down the process. It's important to know when to focus on specific details or when is the time which proves to be beneficial for visualizing the entire, larger picture.
Using white space: It seems to be a difficult concept for developers to grasp. However, the highest advantage of learning the use of white space for students of MCA colleges in Jaipur is having the proper amount of white space which gives the user a break. Breaks are significant for processing information, especially when there is a fair amount to process. The key is to ensure that white space has a relationship with other objects on the page, including the other space.

Design is all about problem solving: One should approach design as a set of problems that require solutions. Everything on the page should have a reason for being there and be solving a specific problem for the user or design.
Knowing how to talk about and critique design: The best and the most effective way to give constructive feedback is to seek attention to the problems with the design. Possessing an evidence based on the users, site flow, design goals and visual principles to support the problems that one encounters with the design is quite necessary.
Studying at MCA colleges in Jaipur, you can learn all the skills that you require to be an expert in computer applications.

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