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Professional Pest Solutions Services In My Area

Pest Solutions is a family-owned business committed to effective and environmentally friendly pest control practices. We are built on the values of prompt customer service and effective results at a fair price. We service the Greater Lansing Area along with DeWitt, St. Johns, Lainsgburg, Perry, Fowlerville, Williamston, Howell, Jackson, Brooklyn, Leslie, Mason, Okemos, East Lansing, Haslett, Holt, Eaton Rapids, Grand Ledge, Potterville, Charlotte , Olivet and anywhere in-between.
If you’re concerned you might have a pest problem, but are unsure if professional pest control is necessary, give us a call. We are educated in pest habits and safe product usage, ensuring every issue is handled correctly and efficiently. We will educate, discuss and recommend the best customized treatment plan to fit your needs. We are more than just a pest control company, we are problem solvers!

Protect Your Home from Crawling Insects
At Pest Solutions, we offer your home protection from crawling insects, some of which damage the wood in your house. Others may bite your family or leave bad smells.
- Pavement Ants
- Carpenter Ants
- Odorous House Ants
- Spiders
- Termites
- Roaches
- Sow Bugs
- Centipedes
- Earwigs
- Ticks
- Millipedes
- Ground Beetles
- Clover Mites
- Fleas
- Earwigs
Protecting You from Stinging Insects
While bees of all kinds are useful in nature, they can be dangerous inside your home. They are easily antagonized and frequently sting family members and pets. If someone is allergic to the stings, this can be life threatening. Let us remove this nuisance from your house, shed and garage.
- Yellow Jackets
- Wasps
- Honey Bees
- Carpenter Bees
- Hornets
- Bumble Bees
Lets Keep The Rodents Outside
When rodents get into your home they like to chew the wiring in your attic, destroy the boxes of treasures in your basement, or possibly bite your children and pets. We protect you from all the health issues caused by them and the damage they can cause to your home. Contact us to seal up your home from:
- Rats
- Mice
- Chipmunks
- Squirrels
- Raccoons
- Birds
Watch Out for These Other Pests and Nuisances
We should be concerned more than ever with what we bring into our home. These pests can attach themselves to our luggage, clothing and pets. They travel to your home and make themselves comfortable. If that happens to you, let us bring you peace of mind for:
- Bed Bugs
- Fleas
- Lady Beetles
- Cluster Flies
- Box Elder Bugs
Commercial Pest Control
CALL 517-525-4753a-colony-of-tiny-ants-swarming-an-area-of-the-patio-stone-it-looks-...

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