While it may be easy to get overwhelmed when you're juggling a dozen projects, there are several different project tracking software options available to help you keep track of the progress of your projects. These options include Asana, Todoist, FreshBooks, Workzone, and Basecamp. Getting a hold of a good software package is essential to getting your business off the ground and running smoothly.

Todoist is a project tracking software with drag-and-drop functionality. The software is easy to use and features several filters to simplify the process of organizing your projects. Users can also choose to view tasks by color or assign them to specific people. Each task can be viewed individually or within a project, making it easy to see progress and make adjustments.

Todoist Pro has 300 active projects, 25 collaborators per project, 150 filters, and 100MB file uploads. The paid versions are available at $6 and $8 per month for up to 500 projects per user. Among other features, these plans include team billing and admin roles. For more advanced features, consider upgrading to the Business plan.

Todoist integrates with Jira, a popular issue tracking software used for software development collaboration. It features a number of core features, including collaborative planning boards, no-code automation, and the ability to collaborate with other Jira users. Once you've set up your project in Jira, you can import tasks from Todoist and collaborate with other Jira users. software for tracking

Todoist is also integrated with Google Calendar. It helps you schedule meetings, get reminders, and stay organized. Users can also share their calendars with others. Todoist and Google Calendar sync automatically. When new tasks are created in Todoist, they will automatically appear in Google Calendar, making it easier to manage and organize everything.

Todoist is a web-based productivity application that allows teams and individuals to stay organized. Its task management tools are supported across 15 platforms and 20 languages. It works on mobile devices and desktops, and even integrates with Gmail, Outlook, and Chrome. With its robust features, Todoist is an indispensable project tracking tool for any company or organization.

Todoist also allows users to archive projects and edit due dates. Users can also modify the priority and collaboration of each task. They can even set reminders so they can make sure to finish projects on time.

If you are looking for a project tracking software that will streamline your workflow, Asana is an excellent option. It has many features that are easy to use, including a customizable fields feature that allows you to add additional information to tasks. You can create fields for almost anything you need to track, such as the stage of work or priority level. These custom fields can help you better manage your work and improve your service delivery.

Asana is a web-based project management system for teams of any size. It comes with a free trial and paid SaaS subscription, and it provides a range of tools for managing projects and teams. It is available in the Apple and Google Play stores and can be used on a desktop computer or mobile device. To get started, simply input your business email and user name, then select the type of work you're involved in. From there, select your primary goal and you're good to go!

If you work in a team, Asana is an excellent option because it allows you to collaborate easily and allows you to manage multiple projects at once. It supports agile and waterfall project management and allows you to drag and drop tasks between stages. The software also lets you monitor changes to other tasks and projects. The user interface is easy to navigate, and it has tabs for multiple project views. It also has a robust advanced search feature.

Asana allows you to manage your projects using workspaces. This means that you can create different workspaces for your different teams and clients. Workspaces are color-coded and can be public or private. It also allows you to manage your tasks by assigning them to specific people. You can also view projects through a calendar.

Asana's primary feature is its project management tools. You can create boards for your projects, detailing everything from meeting minutes to project initiatives. You can also streamline communications with tools such as comments and messages. Additionally, you can attach tasks to messages or images, proof PDFs, and more. This software also lets you convert comments into tasks, so you can better manage your project.

FreshBooks project tracking software helps you track time accurately and efficiently by keeping track of your tasks, time spent on each task, and billing information. Its timer feature records time directly to FreshBooks tasks, and it integrates with major operating systems. It also tracks time and activity levels by team members. FreshBooks can be used on both Windows and Mac, and it has a mobile app for iOS and Android.

FreshBooks is built with small business owners and their teams in mind. Its project functionality helps them manage projects efficiently and collaborate with other team members. Users can define project permissions and share files with the team, and they can assign different team members to different tasks and projects. Moreover, the software's timer lets you add time to projects and bill it as an invoice.

FreshBooks makes invoicing easy. Managers can request deposits from their clients or add discounts and payment schedules. In addition, they can automate reminders and late payment fees. FreshBooks also lets them view all the outstanding invoices. FreshBooks can also be linked with credit cards and bank accounts.

FreshBooks offers a free trial. After the trial period, you can choose a plan. It has an easy-to-use dashboard, customizable invoices, and a secure cloud database. Its plans are priced from $15 per month to $50 per month. FreshBooks is suitable for small businesses and freelancers.

The FreshBooks app can sync with OneDesk. The app's timesheets will be automatically added to your FreshBooks account. Each invoice will be associated with a customer and a task. OneDesk users can add new customers as requesters and followers. Then, they can create a new timesheet and mark it as billable. After that, FreshBooks will copy the timesheet and create a FreshBooks project from the timesheet.

FreshBooks supports online payments and also provides notifications once a bill is paid. Additionally, users can customize invoice templates with their branding materials.

Workzone is an ideal project tracking software for PMOs, marketing departments, and operations. Its user-friendly interface makes it ideal for all types of organizations. Users can create their own project templates and can update them automatically. However, some features may not be intuitive to novice users. It also has a slight delay when updating tasks.

Workzone includes features for project collaboration, document management, reporting, resource management, time tracking, and more. It is also cloud-based, which makes it easy to access from any web browser or PC. Moreover, data security is maximized through continuous back-up. Users can easily sync their projects and collaborate with other team members.

Another feature is its Gantt chart, which helps project managers view their schedules graphically on a timeline. This helps them spot changes immediately, and it can also provide information on risk management. Workzone provides comprehensive reporting capabilities, including a comprehensive report that details the progress of all projects and identifies any changes to the schedule.

Workzone also keeps individual project contributors up to date. It also links dependent tasks, which means that if one user completes a task, the next user will be notified. In this way, the whole team can track progress on projects and work efficiently. In addition, users can assign tasks to individual team members and set up templates for recurring projects. The system also offers automatic reminders and a personal to-do list.

Workzone Infinity is a project management tool that tracks activities across the entire project lifecycle. It allows users to easily update the status of projects and tasks and move them through stages. Users can also set start and completion dates, rate effort, and add progress bars. It is available in a variety of price plans, ranging from free to over $250 per month.

Workzone has a free plan for teams of one to three users, and three paid plans starting at $6 per user. Each plan comes with a free trial. It is available in a professional and custom plan for larger teams.

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