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Properly Install A Surveillance Camera In Your House

Properly installing your camera is essential to optimize efficiency and monitor your home . A good installation meets two key criteria: first, a good positioning; secondly, a good setting. Without these two elements, the video surveillance system will not reach its full level of performance. Most home video surveillance kits are relatively easy to install . If you have no notion of video surveillance or computer configuration, it is nevertheless advisable to call an experienced expert to ensure that your home surveillance camera (s) is installed in such a way as to obtain the highest level of protection.

To properly position your surveillance camera in the house , you have to define the best location for it. Which room do you want to monitor? What place in the room more specifically? What is the most strategic point for filming possible intrusions? Each configuration is different but you generally place your camera in the living room as well as in the rooms of the house containing valuables. Access points such as the front door, windows, garage driveway, where burglars are likely to break in, also deserve video surveillance. In addition, to properly position your home surveillance camera, it is important to think about its orientation ,the brightness as well as the reliability of the internet connection : all of these are inseparable elements of effective video surveillance .

Although set his camera is to operate the proper software configuration and download the application to view the images on your IP camera via your smartphone or computer anytime and anywhere. It is also about connecting your video surveillance system to your alarm system . Indeed, if the primary purpose of your home surveillance system is to ensure the safety of goods and people within your home, it is recommended to integrate it into the entire security system that protects the home. The benefits of video surveillance are thus added to those of the alarm and the motion detector to push the security process even further.

Where to place the home surveillance camera?

You will understand: the surveillance camera must be placed in the most strategic corners possible. Regarding the room where to position the interior camera in your house, several options exist:

  • In the living room, since it is often in this room that important objects are stored;
  • In the bedroom, since valuables may be there;
  • In the kitchen, because many French houses have an open kitchen;
  • In the hallway, because intruders will necessarily have to cross it to access the rooms.
In addition, if you want to opt for an outdoor surveillance camera , you have two choices:

  • Place a full HD camera low enough to be able to identify a possible burglar;
  • Install the outdoor surveillance camera at a height, in order to monitor your land.
In these two cases, a camera with night vision is recommended. It will make it easier for you to monitor your home.

What is the budget for a high-performance home surveillance camera?

We find equipment at all prices: from the inexpensive mini spy camera to the dome camera capable of 360-degree vision through the analog camera with video recorder, we find a very wide variety of devices on the market. Marlet. To buy a camera dedicated to home surveillance at the right price, it is therefore better to have a precise idea of ​​the location and use for which it will be intended . This use can be indoor and outdoor. It is also quite possible to couple wifi surveillance cameras in the house and outdoor surveillance cameras in the garden.

Depending on the use defined, we will choose a camera with a more or less high level of performance and a greater or lesser number of functionalities. At best, the chosen IP camera will have high definition, good night vision, a recorder and an SD card to store as many images as possible.

The number of features and the quality of the various functions (image resolution, lens size, presence of infrared, audio system, SD card storage space, etc.) justifies the higher price of certain surveillance camera models. House ; they are also the guarantee of greater security. The better and more functional your surveillance camera is, the better your home will be protected from unwelcome intrusions and burglars.

To get the best value for money in your choice of camera , it is best to enlist your requirements and prioritize them according to the configuration of your home. Perhaps an outdoor camera will be very important in your security system, a recorder will prove essential and a two-way audio system will be very useful for you to be able to not only hear but also communicate with the connected space. Or not: maybe on the contrary a "basic" camera model will be enough for you to monitor your house properly. The key is to define your needs and choose your home video surveillance system accordingly.

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