PRWeb Vs. Marketwired Vs. PR Newswire: A Cost Comparison


If you're a PR firm and want to put out a PRWeb Pricing, it's likely that you have already done your research on the best way to go about it. However, if this is not yet your specialty and you've never been involved in distributing PRWeb Pricing before, then maybe there are some things that might come as a surprise. For example, how much does it cost? Does one service have better pricing than another? And what about Marketwired vs. PRNewswire vs. PR Web? Are there any benefits with each of these four options? Let's take a look at each one individually:

PRWeb Pricing

PRWeb Pricing offers a free plan for companies with under 250 employees and a paid plan for larger companies.

PRWeb's pricing is based on the number of releases you send per month, but you can also purchase bulk options if your business requires more than 100 press releases per year.

PRWeb does not offer any discounts on their basic plans (free or paid), so it's important to remember that each release will cost $0.015 per word regardless of what level you choose!

PRNewswire Pricing

PRNewswire Pricing is based on your company's size and the type of press release you're looking to distribute. The Basic package costs $1 per 100 words, which covers the cost of submitting your article for inclusion in the database. For example, if you wanted to submit an article about a new product launch at $50 per line item (10 words), this would be 15 lines for 50 words or 590 lines for 1,000 words.

The Professional package costs $3 per 100 words and includes all features covered by our Basic package plus additional features such as tracking keywords and tracking social media mentions as they occur over time so that you can see how many times each has been mentioned by other publications (or even yourself). It also provides access to advanced reporting options such as graphs representing how many times each keyword was used over time vs how many times it was mentioned separately by Google Analytics' data warehouse toolset which allows us - or any user - access into our entire search history without having to log into any one specific web site’s login form every time we wanted information about these metrics!

Marketwired Pricing

When it comes to pricing, Marketwired’s offerings vary depending on the industry. For example, if you want a basic website that doesn’t include any services (such as analytics), the price is $5 per month. If your site requires more extensive services such as social media management or content creation and distribution, then expect to pay more for those features—as much as $200-$300 per month for some companies!

In addition to its pricing structure, Marketwired Pricing also offers an annual subscription plan with different levels of service depending on what kind of marketing channel(s) you use most often. Their lowest tier gives users access only through email marketing campaigns; but for those who need even more flexibility (like video production), there are higher tiers like "Premium" ($400/month) or "Business Pro."

PRNewswire Cost

PRNewswire is the most expensive of the three. The cheapest option is Marketwired, with a tiered pricing structure that starts at $300 per month and rises to $1,000 per month.

PRNewswire Cost also has a minimum fee of $500 every quarter (or $625 if you're in Canada). If you want to add some links directly to your article via social media or other platforms, this can increase your overall cost by another $200 per link.

Business Wire Pricing

Business Wire pricing is based on the number of words in your press release. If you have a few hundred or thousand words, Business Wire will charge you per word—but if it's fewer than 500 words, they'll give you a discount.

Tiered Pricing: The tiered pricing structure depends on how many times your Business Wire Pricing is used by other media outlets (i.e., different organizations). For example, if two publications are using your content at the same time and place but with different titles/bodies than yours then both publications would use the same amount of space for each one due to their own unique features that make up its layout design style and appearance; however since there's only one article being shared between two companies then there isn't any benefit from having another platform asking for more money because all parties involved aren't getting anything out of it (i.e., readers won't see more articles about them due solely because someone else knows about them through PRNewswire).

Press Release Pricing

Press release pricing is based on the number of distribution channels you want to use, and it’s also determined by the length of your press release. The more platforms you plan on distributing through, the higher your costs will be. You can find examples of different pricing structures here: PR Web, Marketwired, and PR Newswire.

For example: If a company has a $5k budget and wants to distribute its press releases across several outlets (i.e., Facebook), they may pay $100 per piece (or less). This would mean they would have spent roughly $1k in order to get all those pieces out there!

So, how much does a press release actually cost? That depends on how much you're looking to pay for distribution.

There's no one-size-fits-all answer to how much a press release costs. It depends on how much you're looking to pay for distribution and any additional features that are included in the package.

PRWeb is the cheapest option at $99, but then again it also offers limited distribution options, including social media and email campaigns. Marketwired offers more flexibility with its many advanced tracking tools, while PR Newswire has an upper hand when it comes to reporting metrics like downloads or impressions (how many people see your content). Business Wire offers even more customization options than either of these competitors: You can choose between two different types of templates depending on whether you want your release sent out through email or faxed directly into inboxes around the globe—and there are even more customization options available if needed!


To sum it up, we’ve come away with a better understanding of the factors that make PRNewswire so expensive. While you might be tempted to think that Marketwired is the best option for your organization, we’re here to tell you that PRWeb offers a more affordable solution. Not only do they cost less but they also offer more distribution options!

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