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Reactjs for your next project Features and Benefits

There are many very useful frameworks to facilitate the web development process, Reactjs is not a complete framework, but it is used by most development companies. What led to the phenomenal popularity and success of Reactjs? In this blog, we list the main features of Reactjs and explain the benefits of using them. Finally, it showcases some of the best applications and explains why you should choose Reactjs for your next project.

What is Reactjs?

Reactjs is an open-source JavaScript library known for creating dynamic and responsive user interfaces. Due to its component-based architecture, Reactjs has proven to be a very powerful solution for creating fast and scalable front-ends for web and mobile applications.

Focusing mainly on creating natural, interactive, and engaging applications, Reactjs minimizes developer coding efforts and provides the best rendering performance.

However, Reactjs is a lightweight view library that only supports user interface components. Therefore, it must be integrated with other technologies and tools (such as Flux and Redux) to achieve a fully functional architecture.

With notable features such as real-time updates, server-side rendering, and more, this JavaScript library has gained immense popularity in the development community.

The growth and popularity of Reactjs in 2021

Reactjs was developed by Jordan Walke, a software engineer at Facebook, in 2011. His goal was to create a JavaScript-based library that would simplify app development and provide a more useful user experience.

More and more companies are realizing the importance of great UX and Reactjs serves as the easiest way to optimize the app experience.

Facebook used this new library in its web app in 2011, and Instagram did too in 2012; it was released open source in 2013, and its use spread quickly.

More and more developers have started using Reactjs to build both single-page and rich applications; Twitter, Netflix, and Dropbox are just a few of the huge list of techniques using Reactjs in their web applications!

In 2015, Facebook introduced Reactjs as a cross-platform framework for mobile app development. Soon after its release, the framework was adopted by many mobile companies.

React as a cross-platform framework for mobile app development

Gradually, Reactjs began to compete with Angular and other JavaScript frameworks to take the lead in the web development market.

Why you should choose Reactjs for your next project: Reactjs features

The development community loves Reactjs for its robust features. Here are some of the features of Reactjs that set it apart from others.

(1) Virtual DOM

The virtual DOM is one of the main features that make application development with Reactjs fast and flexible.

Thanks to the memory negotiation algorithm, React can reproduce web pages in virtual memory. Thus, virtual flash memory is a representation of the original flash memory.

Each time the web application is modified, the virtual flash memory returns the entire user interface. In the virtual flash-view, only those elements that have changed are updated, not all of them.

In this way, Reactjs makes the application development process faster and cheaper.


JSX is an abbreviation for JavaScript XML. It is a markup syntax very similar to HTML and is used to describe the appearance of an application's user interface.

JSX is one of the best features that Reactjs can offer. It makes the syntax used by developers to create React components almost identical to the HTML they include in their web pages. This allows developers to write Reactjs components easily and without difficulty.

(3) Mandatory One-Way Data

One of the main reasons to choose Reactjs for your next project is the one-way data flow. Reactjs uses a one-way data flow. This means that developers cannot directly modify components. To make changes to a component, a callback function must be used. This process is known as one-way data linking.

Reactjs uses Flux, a JavaScript application architecture, to control the flow of data from a single point. Unidirectional data flow helps Reactjs developers to better control their web and mobile applications. This makes the applications more flexible and efficient.

(4) Native Response

Native Response development for iOS and Android
React Native is the custom rendering of Reactjs Instead of using web components, React Native uses native components.

To fully understand React Native, developers must be familiar with the basic concepts of Reactjs. These include JSX, components, states, and accessories.

After this step, developers must learn all the information specific to React Native, including the components that are part of React Native.

React Native transforms the React Native code to make it compatible with Android and iOS platforms. It also gives way to the native features of these platforms.

(5) Declarative User Interface

As mentioned above, Reactjs is the best solution to create attractive and interactive user interfaces for mobile and web applications.

When editing data, Reactjs only displays and correctly updates the necessary components. It generates a simple representation of each state of your application. This feature makes the code more readable and easier to debug.

(6) Component-Based Architecture.

Reactjs' architecture is component-based. This means that the user interface of a Reactjs based mobile or web application is divided into several components. Each component has its specific logic. The logic is written in JavaScript without the use of templates. This allows Reactjs developers to pass data throughout the application without affecting the DOM.

Reactjs components play an important role in defining the interaction and visual effects of an application.

Why you should choose Reactjs for your next project: Key benefits
Choose to react Js for the key benefits of your next project

Reactjs is saturated with the features we mentioned above, and many more. If you compare Reactjs to Angular and Vue, you'll notice that Reactjs comfortably ranks in the middle. It's a top-notch choice for both lightweight and large applications. Here are some of the main benefits of using Reactjs :

(1) Speed and Performance

Why should you use Reactjs? Because of speed and performance. Reactjs allows developers to use different parts of the application, both client-side and server-side.

In simple words, different developers or teams can write separate parts without any uncertainty. The changes made do not break the logic of the whole application.

Moreover, it allows developers to write clean modular code and break the application into components. This facilitates code reuse and speeds up the development process.

(2) Flexibility

React is very different from other large monolithic frameworks. Thanks to its modular structure, its code is flexible and easy to maintain. This makes applications more scalable and saves the company time and money in the long term.

(3) Performance

The main goal of Reactjs development services is to ensure high application performance. Some of the key features of Reactjs, such as virtual DOM and server-side rendering, help build complex and large-scale applications that run extremely fast.

(4) Easy to Learn

For a developer already familiar with JavaScript, implementing Reactjs will be fairly easy and quick. A JavaScript expert can master Reactjs development within a day or two.

(5) Developing Mobile Reactjs

One of the main benefits of using Reactjs for web development is React Native, a framework for mobile app development. Because the framework is based on Reactjs, JavaScript developers can easily switch to React Native and build mobile apps with a native look and feel.

Moreover, parts of a React Native web app can be used in a React Native mobile app. This explains why you should choose Reactjs for web development.

(6) SEO

Online businesses depend heavily on search engine optimization (SEO) to make an online presence. Providing a React JS backend greatly reduces page load times, making pages more optimized for search engines.

Also, the benefits of speed and high performance improve overall SEO performance and functionality.

(7) Rich Toolset

Reactjs has a feature-rich ecosystem that includes tools such as Flux and Redux. It also includes Nodejs in the background. Node.js development trends in 2020 are aimed at taking application performance to the next level.

Facebook has also added Reactjs and Chrome development tools to Reactjs. These tools allow developers to discover master and slave components, view component hierarchies, and more.

(8) Strong Public Support

The great Reactjs ecosystem is one reason why you should choose Reactjs for your next project. Reactjs has been supported by Facebook since the beginning.

Also, more than 1,000 independent authors regularly update the library. Also, several experts publish free blogs and videos about Reactjs, which strengthens the community.

With such strong community and business support, Reactjs is modern and robust technology.

Best Use Cases for Reactjs

After seeing why you should choose Reactjs for your next project, it's important to understand when you should use Reactjs. To eliminate the pitfalls of personal bias, you should contact a trusted Reactjs developer to confirm the viability of your solution. Below are some tips on how to use Reactjs.

Use Reactjs for interactive dashboards with Lots of Data

Reactjs provides out-of-the-box templates for dashboards, but it is not an open-source tool. It is not advisable to pay high licensing fees to use these templates. However, it is much more feasible to create a dashboard using Reactjs.

As you already know, Reactjs has a component-based architecture. This means that with proper preparation, you can reuse many dashboard elements and get your system more modular.

Secondly, dashboards almost always have UI components that need to be updated. Therefore, you need a framework or library to quickly deploy these UI components Reactjs is a great solution for building data-intensive dashboards thanks to its virtual DOM Just send data through the API and the virtual The DOM ensures smooth and fast updates.

In many cases, companies prefer to build dashboards as single-page client-side applications. Typically, SPA applications made client-side have longer initial load times because the entire application needs to load at the same time.

When building a single-page web application with Reactjs, the client-side and server-side code is the same. As a result, Reactjs can load and display components in the browser while the SPA is loading.

Using Reactjs for Social Networking Web Applications.

Reactjs for Social Networking Web Applications.

Social networking applications continue to be the best use case for Reactjs since we built Facebook using Reactjs. If you want to build a social media application, you should choose Reactjs for your next project.

Social media applications indeed need to load new pages according to the request of a particular user. However, most social media applications use Reactjs to build each page as a SPA. As a result, users get a top-notch experience in applications like Facebook and Twitter.

Moreover, the essence of a social media application is a real-time notification, and by building a social media application with Reactjs, you can automate the communication between the client and server using web sockets. This makes the communication process incredibly fast and allows your application to generate real-time notifications seamlessly.

Reactjs for E -commerce Web Applications

A successful e-commerce application should be rich and have a seamless user experience. Reactjs e-commerce applications are gradually gaining popularity these days. The main reason for this is the rich UI components that come with the built-in Reactjs library.

However, e-commerce web applications can be very large, which means that each component has to be built independently. This also allows you to integrate third-party tools into different parts of your Reactjs-based e-commerce application.

Again, the code reuse provided by Reactjs has proven to be a great help in building a large e-commerce web application. It not only saves development time but also helps in reducing future maintenance costs.

Moreover, with Reactjs, you can also manage state effectively. This will improve the performance of your e-commerce web application and optimize memory consumption.

For best results, choose the most beneficial technology stack for web application development and see if you can improve the performance of your application by using Reactjs in conjunction with it.

A single-Page Application (SPA) using Reactjs.

Another example of the common use of Reactjs is the creation of interactive single-page applications.

Before you start thinking about the appropriate tools and frameworks for your web application, you need to decide whether you want to build it as a multi-page application or as a single-page application. The debate about single or multi-page applications can only be resolved by understanding when to use single or multi-page applications.

If you decide to build a single-page web application, you can consult any leading web development company. The usual advice most will give you is to use the Reactjs library for this.

First of all, the React router is an excellent tool that allows you to efficiently manage a single page. Secondly, Reactjs developers can create and present complex views with server-side rendering using React.

Other Reactjs use cases

One of the main use cases of Reactjs is the development of multi-platform applications. You cannot reuse the same code to develop a mobile application as you can to develop a web application. However, with React Native, you can use the same architecture for the web and mobile application development. If you plan to launch a mobile application after your main website, choosing Reactjs as one of the advanced technologies is very advantageous.

Reactjs also comes with excellent support tools for the progressive development of web applications. Moreover, it is also very easy to convert a classic Reactjs web application into a progressive web application.

How Third Rock Techno helps you to create efficient applications based on Reactjs.
Now that you understand when and why you should choose Reactjs for your next project, it's time to get started. Third Rock Techno is a well-established Reactjs development company with a lot of experience in creating reliable and efficient Reactjs applications. With diversity and experience, we have assembled the best Reactjs development teams that specialize in using the industry's leading technologies.

To create the application of your dreams with maximum return on investment, hire Reactjs developers from top React development companies in India.

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