Rental Advice: Important Camera Rental Advice for 2023

The majority of us who create visual content dream of the day when we will have every piece of equipment required to produce our work. However, unless you intend to start your own rental business, it is rare and nearly difficult to own a comprehensive inventory of equipment. Owning every piece of filmmaking equipment is neither practical nor even wise due to the high cost of the equipment and the wide variety of productions. Most of us Phantom high speed camera rental services for each shoot, even when we own a camera, lens, and a few accessories.


Even though renting equipment one shoot at a time is obviously more expensive, the prices might still build up. Therefore, we have created a few strategies to stretch the dollar further and improve the Phantom high speed camera rental Los Angeles experience.


Look for used equipment that still performs well


It can be tempting to concentrate on renting the best tools possible for each operation. However, occasionally you might get great value by renting slightly used equipment that still meets your needs for a given work. Hot new equipment is infamous for losing its rental value very soon... however, older cameras, like those from three to four years ago, can occasionally be rented for less money.


To conserve time and money, think about renting from


With the advent of online Phantom VEO 4K rental platforms like, it has become so much easier for all of us to get the camera gear of our choice at the most affordable prices. In other words, we can say that the rental scene has undergone a significant transformation.


Pick a Kit


Many times, rental companies and independent filmmakers who rent their equipment will have put it together into a "kit," frequently with a name that refers to a particular job (the handheld kit, the sports kit, etc.), that should contain all the necessary accessories for you to complete the task at hand. Kits are great because the individual who put them together usually took the time to make sure all the components were there and functional.


Be prepared to wait a while at pickup and dropoff—sometimes a whole day


Not allowing adequate time for a proper pickup or dropoff is a common rookie error. Renting photographic equipment is not like renting a chainsaw from the hardware store or even like renting a car, where all that is typically required is a brief walk around to check for scratches and a few cellphone shots.



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