Root canal treatment in Bangalore

The Best Bangalore Root Canal Specialist
A leading provider of root canal treatments in Bangalore, Ridgetop Dental International specializes in cosmetics, restorative dentistry, advanced dentistry as well as root canal treatment. To keep up with the global advancement of dental procedures, our facilities invest in cutting-edge technology and tools to provide the highest standard of dental care solutions for patients in and around Bangalore.

As part of our microscopic endodontic procedures, we use a microscope to treat restoratives and root canals. Our dental microscopes offer numerous benefits, and they improve clinical treatment accuracy, so we can provide you with the best dental care and treatment you deserve.

Root Canal Therapy: What is it?

The purpose of root canal treatment is to remove decay and infection from the tooth's interior through an endodontic procedure. When your tooth begins to decay and the decay reaches the dental pulp and nerves, an infection occurs, causing severe pain and sensitivity. When left untreated, the infection will eventually kill your tooth, damage your gums, and cause constant pain, swelling, and darkening.

Root canals are a non-invasive procedure for preserving natural teeth, relieving pain and sensitivities, and avoiding the need for dental bridges or implants. The procedure usually involves local anesthesia, so the patient is sedated during the procedure.

In Bangalore, what are the benefits of a root canal?

In the event you have constant pain and sensitivity on a particular tooth, do you have any swelling or tenderness in your gums? Do you have a persistent lump on your gums near the affected tooth? If you have any of these symptoms, you almost certainly need root canal therapy.

It is best, however, to consult a qualified root canal specialist in Bangalore before embarking on this path. Our dentist will perform a thorough examination of your teeth and recommend the best treatment option for you.

Find the best root canal specialist in Bangalore
Ridgetop Dental International offers the best and most dependable root canal specialist in Bangalore. Dr. Jayshree Hegde Anil is an expert in microscopic dentistry, and here are some of her thoughts on the benefits of using a microscope for endodontic treatment:

Improved quality and precision of delivery
Detects early decay, chips, and fractures.
Reduce the amount of tooth structure removed.
Root canal treatment has a high success rate due to increased visibility and access.
Treatment with high precision.

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