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Of course, this doesn't mean planning the marriage from the first date but it does mean dating with the idea of Christian marriage in mind. Which is merely a scary means of saying that when you date as a Christian you go on that date open to the indisputable fact that this person could be usually the one with whom you fall in love and marry. This really is essentially what Christian dating is, it's dating with marriage in mind. If you get out on a romantic date with someone without being open to the possibility of falling in love you then are really on a romantic date however for sure not just a Christian date! This leads us onto the biggest Christian dating mistake.

The greatest dating mistake produced by many Christians is that they are not going on Christian dates at all. This doesn't mean that you are not likely to Christian places or doing Christian activities, as well as that you're not dating other Christians. It means that you are making the mistake of convinced that simply being a Christian and having a date equals Christian dating. This is not so. The date itself must be within the framework of Christian ethical standards - how Christians treat other people. Your date shouldn't be with you just because they're nice to consider, or nice to be viewed with. Nor should your date be simply company on a normally lonely night.

Many Christians make the mistake of asking someone from a romantic date when all they want is someone to go out with as a friend. This leads to obvious complications when you yourself have one individual viewing one other as a potential friend, whilst being viewed by them as a potential husband or wife. Christians get this mistake all the time because of the not enough sexual pressure in Christian dating. Realizing that sex is out from the question and with strict personal rules on kissing and other acts of intimacy, it is easy to find yourself in 'friend mode' as opposed to viewing your date as a possible spouse. Now obviously a man and wife are friends, I'm certainly not suggesting otherwise, but theirs is really a special kind of friendship built on a base of romantic love.

Dating with marriage at heart means thinking of your date, from the comfort of the first date, as someone with whom you could build a romantic, loving friendship with that results in marriage. It doesn't mean training the names of your future children five full minutes into the initial date! Christian dates must be romantic and marriage-minded from the outset.

What's the difference between Christian dating and non-Christian dating? To most people the answer lies in what you do on that date. It's Lahore call girls easy someone to answer. Christians aren't going to possess sex on the date and could even choose never to kiss. Now ask yourself the difference between Christian dating and two different people venturing out as friends, for meals or to catch a present? The clear answer is based on the way the couple view each other. The friends, see each other as friends and treat each other accordingly. The dating couple ought to be viewing each other as dates, not merely as friends. Imagine two friends, a man and a women, heading out for meals to catch up on old times but during the meal the man starts seeing his friend as a date. Unless she starts seeing him as a romantic date the evening will probably result in upset. Now imagine, a Christian couple on a romantic date but while she sees her date as a romantic date, he sees her as a buddy - tonite too will end in upset.

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