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Custom EZ Up W/ 2 Years Warranty | New York | USA

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Starline tents custom ez up is an excellent way to cordon off your event booth as well as provide shade when exhibiting in an outdoor event. Order this pop-up tent in a standard 10' x 10' or custom tents for trade shows in the choice of your color. You can order your custom tent in the shade you prefer for your booth set-up. …


The Advantages Of Wallet Phone Cases For Keeping Things Secure

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Remembering and carrying items such as your budget, smartphone, and car keys every day while on your way to work can be a difficult and time-consuming chore. There's a good chance you'll forget one or more products while rushing to get to work or participate in a meeting. 

The good news is that folks who are often in a rush due to their incredibly active and busy schedules would benefit. When it comes to forgetting important items, there are apple iphone xs max wallet cases that can…


Guarantee Lowest Prices On Custom Logo Canopy | ST | Kennesaw

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This custom logo canopy is weather-resistant and will help you to keep your event and marketing material safe in the event of rain or winds. With crisp design and print, take pride in promoting your products/services or brand your business. Apart from business promotions, you can use outdoor advertising tents as a backyard…


What benefits does Apple Cider Vinegar have on the body?

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Apple cider vinegar has a long history of being a 'marvel fix' to different medical issues. It goes from relieving burn from the sun and skin break out to aiding in weight reduction and forestalling malignancy. The vinegar has been adored by many specialists however unfortunately there are no logical cases with respect to its medical advantages.

Apple cider vinegar is delivered by the maturation of apple cider. During this interaction, the apples are matured by yeast and added to…


Sentience: The Android's Tale Full Crack [FULL]

Sentience: The Android's Tale Full Crack [FULL]

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About This Game

Sentience: The Android's Tale is a choice-based narrative adventure game from the creator of The Deed series and the Space Pilgrim saga.

  • Play through a complex narrative which is influenced by your decisions. Freedom of choice does not come without consequence, for humans or robots. Will you be an obedient servant or plant the seeds of chaos?
  • Interact with the forgotten pioneers, the twenty-four colonists stationed on the borderworld of Akritas. Get to know their various stories and backgrounds, obey their commands and earn their trust (or not, as the case may be).
  • See the world through the eyes of an android and encounter relevant questions about the future of artificial intelligence.
  • At least a dozen possible endings. Every major character may survive or perish during the game as a result of your choices and actions.
  • Uncover the mysteries of this desert planet on the edge of space and learn the true nature of your mission, all while reliving the days of good old-fashioned point-and-click adventure games.
  • Features mouse, keyboard and controller support.

Title: Sentience: The Android's Tale
Genre: Adventure, Indie
Pilgrim Adventures
Release Date: 2 Jun, 2017


sentience the android's tale. sentience the android's tale walkthrough. sentience the android's tale – darksiders

I enjoyed it. Thank you to the creators for making this game. My favorite parts were the story and music. If I could change one thing, I think the endings (the parts of the game that happen after your final decision) seemed quite brief compared to how fleshed out the story in the rest of the game was. If you prefer to read screenplays instead of novels (as do I), check out this excellent game for a bargain price.. Engrossing enough for me to play through the whole thing in basically a single sitting, with an interesting setting that kept me invested to the end. However, most of the roleplaying felt like it had little to no impact on the actual story, and the ending veers straight into Mass Effect 3 levels of choose-your-flavor-of-bad-end garbage.

Had lots of potential but was ultimately disappointing. First game from this developer that I think I've actually disliked.. This is a great game with simpe graphics. Love the plot where you play for an android and can act outside of cliche box of "evil A.I.". Pros:
*Custom Graphics for an RPG Maker Game
*Well thought out plot that flows
*Not your average looking RPG maker game you see on steam

*Voice acting maybe? (though im okay with texts)
*IMPORTANT Dash button! our character walks like an old lady.

7/10. Engrossing enough for me to play through the whole thing in basically a single sitting, with an interesting setting that kept me invested to the end. However, most of the roleplaying felt like it had little to no impact on the actual story, and the ending veers straight into Mass Effect 3 levels of choose-your-flavor-of-bad-end garbage.

Had lots of potential but was ultimately disappointing. First game from this developer that I think I've actually disliked.. Very minimalistic in its design and execution, but surprisingly effective at what it does. In spite of its simplicity (pretty much across the board - mechanics, story, characters, setting), it never was boring, and didn't outstay its welcome.

At times it has a very specific vibe that I really enjoyed. Like a sci fi story that focuses more on the psychology and interaction between its characters, with an alien world acting as a backdrop and a source of danger and weirdness. Think Solaris, maybe.

Mechanically its very basic - a mix of point & click adventure with RPG-like elements. Expect a lot of walking and some fetch quests; it's not tedious or grindy though. There is dialog to read through, but not too much; typical conversation is just a few sentences long with some occasional choices here and there.

I only played through it once, but it seems like there is quite a bit of replay value. First time isn't really about making informed decisions (and there is a decent amount of decisions to make), but rather about role playing and exploration.. So far it's a great game, love the story and interaction with characters. Helps that i'm a robot guy, but the concept is so good and making the choices is thoughtful and very entertaining.. Developer Pilgrim Adventures scores positively again with this title. They have a knack for creating games that are laid back, yet very enthralling story-wise. I thoroughly enjoyed playing this.

I wished they would make more games like this one. It mixes elements of a sci-fi flavoured visual novel, with an RPG-like feel to it (mostly because of the graphics and the user interface).

The story is well done, and logical enough. There's a healthy mix of mystery regarding technology, higher intelligent life forms, ancient civilizations, creation & just life in itself.

I appreciate the fact the developers didn't overcomplicate the story and kept it relatively simple. Sometimes simple can be very beautiful and just as attractive and "Sentience" is a great example of this.

I didn't notice anything that was superfluous. I really liked how I had a choice in steering the storyline in some ways (depending on what I allowed or disallowed the protagonist to do - i.e. an android).

Game progression was fairly smooth and relatively easy. Quite intuitive, and I didn't have to break my head over any of the missions in game.

I really liked the side missions. I wished there had been more of those.

All of the characters who were involved in dishing out missions to the android (i.e. our protagonist), had distinct personalities and were interesting to interact with.

I was especially fond of the informational database that the android could tune into and make use of. That's a very original way of allowing the player to access more information about the game and its virtual setting.

I'm hoping for another title like this one to be released. I'd buy and play it in a heartbeat.. A sci-fi themed adventure game.It has very good philosophical themes with deep writing.In this game CHOICES MATTER actually.There is at least 10 different endings too, replay value is really high.

What caught my attention is great and atmospheric music.It perfectly folllows up certain moments and events and personally i enjoyed it a lot.

Finally, what is most important for every game is atmosphere.You will immerse deeply into the plot.Sentience suceeds in creating tense yet relaxing atmosphere.It's like feeling complete calmness while in the middle of desolate, lifeless desert with low chances of rescue.

Strong experience, recommended.

Coming Summer 2019: "A Sceptic's Guide to Magic": Version 1.2:

  • Fixed a mouse bug in Finch's droid recovery mission.
  • Fixed two path-finding bugs, one with Ketty in headquarters and one with the jeep later in the game.
  • Fixed a small glitch in the "Engineering" mission.
  • Fixed a late game bug involving Jonah.
  • The third-party plugin we were using to enable Steam achievements was causing instability issues for some Windows 10 users and false positives in some antivirus programs, so we've rolled it back to an earlier, more stable version.

If you continue to experience problems related to achievements, such as a 'type undefined' error that can occur at points when achievements should unlock, there is also an offline version of the game:

- Right click on the game in your Steam library list and select 'Properties'
- Select the 'Betas' tab and choose 'Offline - no achievements' from the drop-down menu. Try restarting your Steam client if this option doesn't appear for you.
- There will be a short update. If it worked, the words 'No Achievements' should appear in the top right corner of the title screen when you launch the game.

This version of the game should be fully functional apart from missing achievements. Trading cards will still drop as normal.. 80% off For Limited Time:
Sentience: The Android's Tale is 80% off for limited time.. Space Pilgrim Academy: Reunion Soon on Steam!: Mac OS Support! Space Pilgrim Academy: Year 2 Soon on Steam:
Mac OS Support!

"In the end, we just may have created the species that is above us." - Steve Wozniak

Sentience: The Android's Tale is now available for Mac OS X! This has been a long time coming, but I wanted to make sure that the release would be stable and with full functionality, including Steam achievements.

Mac users, please let us know if you experience any problems. If all goes well, we will also go ahead and add Mac support to our other recent titles (Crown Champion: Legends of the Arena, Space Pilgrim Academy Year 1).

Space Pilgrim Academy Year 2 soon on Steam! Sentience: The Android's Tale at up to 80% off:
Grab Sentience: The Android's Tale at up to 80% off (depending on the region)

Pilgrim Adventures Complete Bundle (11 Games) is available at an additional 50% off as well!

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