SEO Campaign Strategies for Travel Tech

What is corporate travel management without a winning SEO strategy? Quite irrelevant and unnecessary. Not only is the corporate travel industry one of the fastest-growing areas to work in, but it also includes a large number of different business models, including airlines, business travel agencies, and so on. This makes it more and more important to invest in SEO campaigns Services. Thanks to the digital boom in the travel industry, we are dealing with fragmented buyer behavior and how travelers book business trips online. And while it certainly poses new challenges for corporate travel management, the opportunities are equally enormous. Hiring SEO for your travel site is one of the most cost-effective ways to boost your direct revenue from online sales. And in order to position yourself as one of the leading solutions for business travel needs, you need to have as much brand exposure as possible. Therefore, be sure to follow a whip-free SEO strategy that brings organic leads directly to your site and creates a positive impact on your conversions.

Why You Need SEO For Travel Tech
For your business to flourish and gain a foothold, it is important that your site rank higher in search engine results and gain more visibility. Although you may be familiar with the basic rules of optimizing your business travel website, you will probably need the help of a professional digital marketer to break into the first page. At Deck 7, our SEO experts can place your technology travel platform right in front of the people who need your help and may be looking for you. By implementing data-based effective SEO strategies, we can help optimize your site, create brand awareness, attract customers, increase customer engagement and improve your ROI.

Understanding customer needs
The first and foremost step towards turning it into data is to understand what your target customer is looking for and how. There comes into the picture keyword research. Develop a strategy by finding relevant key phrases with the right search intent and classifying them into categories. Then use these categories to map them against your site. Also, keep in mind that in order to rank for a specific term you may need to target a bunch of different search queries related to business travel - this will allow you to attract different visitors based on the different stages of the journey. As Google becomes smarter in understanding the meaning of each keyword, it also understands the many intentions behind it. Therefore, make sure you understand what is ranked in the query and whether you are suitable for Google's SERP diversity.

Where is the user experience?
Another key factor is determining how much your target customer communicates with the site and measuring their response. Simply put, the way a user participates and gives signals that indicate their satisfaction with your website is a key point in how well you are ranked online. Another key aspect of site user satisfaction is making sure your page loads remarkably fast and engages visitors for a certain amount of time before returning to the SERP.

Produce Kickass content
Here's the thing, your content is not just for marketing purposes. Your content is designed to add value to the site and its users. In this sense, you need to create unique content that adds value to users at some point in their journey. By understanding the seasonality and search trends you will know when to get the most traffic and leads.
Google Trends is an amazing tool that can help you map keywords in the research phase. This will not only help build your content strategy but will also give you more insight into the buyer journey, from research to purchase.

Brand awareness and link building
Although time-consuming and often taxing, when effectively performing link building can provide you with amazing results on a search ranking page and well worth the effort. Consider collaborating with other businesses related to your niche, such as bloggers and other travel influencers, as well as other social content segments. Cross-promoting each other's content will not only increase your reach but also help increase backlinks on your site. The most effective way to gain exposure and create awareness is to create a diverse link profile and most of the links come from quality sites. It is important to have links that come from trusted and popular sites because the Google search engine values these links. Note that the key is links to your site with the right keywords. Therefore, make sure to go to a community specific to the topic relevant to your field.

Spread the word through social media
You probably know this but we'll say it again - you need to leverage social media for maximum traffic to your site. Google has proven this by implementing social media performance on its search ranking criteria.

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