Seris Vritra Is Best Character In TBATE

Seris is a Vritra-born human and a Scythe under the command of Agrona Vritra. She is also the mentor to Caera and uncertain ally to Arthur Leywin.

Seris incapacitated Uto during his fight with Arthur at Ashber Town, rendering him helpless with ease,[1] after Arthur struggled against him to the point of borderline defeat, indicating her immense power. She then offered a subdued Uto to him with the request that he claim victory over the Retainer.


Seris is said to have obsidian horns that glowed like precious stones, contrasting with her pearl-colored hair that flowed back past her narrow shoulders. Her appearance is of a girl that looked no older than Tessia during the events of Volume 6, possessing dark eyes and a thin frame [2].

During his second encounter, Arthur described Seris to have long hair that reflected the sun like liquid amethyst. Her skin had the quality of polished alabaster and her eyes were as piercing as her long black horns that spiraled up like an impala’s. [1]

Her lips were stained with purple paint flecked with gold during the Victoriad, and her cheeks shone with silver stardust. On top of her head, dusky pearl hair grew in braids and curls, lying between two narrow, twisting horns. She was dressed in a war dress made of scales that twinkled like black diamonds and a fur-lined cloak that seemed to absorb light.

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