Confused about buying and renting shipping containers? There is a third way out! Understand the process, benefits and alternatives of "rent-to-buy" shipping containers.


You may be hesitant to buy or rent shipping containers without knowing what your long-term needs are. Short-term demand is certain 40 feet container price, but you may not be able to predict whether demand will expand in the future, which is why choosing between buying or renting a container can be a difficult decision.


So a special rental contract can get you out of trouble. Rent-to-buy is a cost-effective option when your long-term needs are uncertain. Read on to learn about the Rent-to-Own agreement:


Rent-to-Own (ROT)

Depending on your shipping needs and resources, you can find a wide range of container rental options. Some common ones are:

  1. Flexible rent (variable term)
  2. Long-term rent (5-8 years)
  3. Short-term rental (for more than 6 months)
  4. One way rental
  5. Rent and then buy (financial renting)


However, you might be wondering…

Best time to buy or rent a shipping container

The main factors you need to consider before deciding whether to buy or rent are:

  1. Period of use
  2. Shipping container usage type
  3. Shipping container Maintenance Fee
  4. available budget


Before making a decision, ask yourself:

How long and how often?

  1. One-time use? How many months? or more than a year?
  2. For short-term needs, renting is the best option
  3. If it is a long-term demand and the future demand is unpredictable, consider buying
  4. Because eventually the sum of rent and interest will exceed the actual cost


Why do you need a sea container?

  1. Have a retrofit or custom size?
  2. If yes, buying would be the better decision as renting may have restrictions on modifications and dimensions


Time and resources for container maintenance?

  1. If yes, consider buying
  2. If negative, it is recommended to rent

Is there a budget to maintain the container?

  1. Buying and maintaining a container is quite expensive. If financial conditions allow, it is recommended to buy
  2. Renting is the better option if money is short


Both buying and renting shipping containers have their own advantages, here is a comparison of the two:

The pros and cons of buying vs renting…





Full ownership

Take on less maintenance responsibilities


Transform the container however you want

Upgrade/downgrade at any time


More size options

Less upfront investment


Cost-effective for long-term use

Cost-effective for short-term use


High resale value

Low rental cost



Possible Situations





The premise is that you need a place to store

Need a container but don't have enough funds on hand


Some containers are required to store and transport the goods

Demand changes and demand for containers increases


Need to be transformed or converted to other uses

Uncertainty about the development of long-term needs


Containers are needed frequently and indefinitely, but not too much



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Next article we will continue the specific process and timing of “rent-to-buy” Please be sure to pay more attention to CIMC-Equilink, we will bring you valuable information.

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