Shockwave therapy equipment category

Shockwave therapy machines can be divided into the following four types according to the different methods of making a bump surf:

1. Hydroelectric: The electrode is discharged in water or other liquid, and the energy is concentrated from the reflector to the next focus. portable shockwave therapy machine Now the production of this shock wave therapy device is much less

2. Air Strain Ballistic: The vibrator is usually used to generate vibrations by traveling at high speed in a cavity, in fact it is incorporated into the human body throughout the weapon-type probe. The mechanized inrush current produced by this type of device has no focusing characteristics, also known as a scattered shock wave treatment product

3. Electromagnetic: High-voltage pulse strong current and coil generate magnetic field, push the diaphragm to move to generate odd waves, identify concentrated, flat or scattered into the body for related treatment


Does Shockwave Treatment Operate?

Function and Outcome of Shockwave Therapy

The treatment principle of shock wave therapy system

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