Single Tooth Implants With Improved Technology

Wide gaps in your mouth can make a smile appearance horrible and your health can also suffer on account of these missing teeth. Your chewing and biting get compromised and food particles often get stuck in the gums, causing dental problems. Single tooth dental implants from Sapphire Dentistry provide you the absolute solution for such kinds of problems.


Single Tooth Implants are simply attached to your jawline just like a normal tooth is attached, except with the help of a titanium post. Implants will get combined with the remaining of your teeth and not only, you will get that perfect smile back but will also find it easier to chew and feel natural inside your mouth. After some time,  you will forget that you have an implant and others won't mention it either!


How Does The Implant Procedure Work?


In order to Single Tooth Replacement sturdily in your mouth, a foundation needs to be set. During this process, a small titanium post is connected to the jawline. This post then has to stay there for a few months so that it will become a natural part of the jawline and combine with the bone. In some cases, a part of this implant may have to be opened up again to get a proper foundation but this step isn't always necessary. Once the base is ready, a crown is joined to it. The crown will be manufactured similar to the rest of your teeth. Once this crown is placed, you will be required to take care of the newly designed implant for a few weeks and then you can forget that it is in your mouth. Visit  Dental Houston Heights for considering the treatment.


Why Choose A Dental Implant Over Other Procedures?


A dental implant is based on advanced technology in order to offer your tooth a new look and feel exactly like your natural teeth. For those people who have bridges or choose to get bridges attached, they will find that the bridge is fixed using the help of the adjacent teeth. This means that extra pressure is forced onto the surrounding teeth. In the case of an implant, the new tooth stands alone and does not affect the other teeth. A dental implant is also a better solution for the sake of the bone. With a bridge, the bone could start to deteriorate over time. The gums also could start to drop and this provides the bridge an irksome look after a while. You won't have to deal with these problems if you opt for an implant. These implants can be maintained clean easily and they will resemble great even many years later!


Single Dental Implant Cost:


The minimum cost of a single dental implant may range between $2,000 to $3,000. It is a less expensive dental implant option. You will love it when you will be provided with quality treatment at the end of the day.  As it is an advanced technology, the treatment will be carried out in a day.


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