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Some Logical Reasoning Tricks to Crack any Competitive Exam

Logical reasoning is an important part of any competitive exam. Most students find it difficult and confusing to manage this section. It all comes down to how well you prepared for the exam, and what mindset you bring to the exam hall. It might help you save time on the exam if you focus more on shortcuts and tricks while studying. It doesn’t matter if you know the shortcuts to the exam; it is important to follow the process and use your brain to find the right answer. Let’s talk about some things to keep in mind when preparing for reasoning.

Do not complicate the data
A good reasoning question won’t give you any useful information. It will take some searching to find the answer. It’s a maze. If you get stuck, you’ll never be able to move on. So, focus on the solution and simplify the information. This will help you find the right way. You should carefully read the entire question and filter out the relevant data to find the answer. You should not read the same passage more than once. This will take up too much of your time and could lead to you leaving out important questions. When you read the passage, make sure to get as much information as possible and take notes. This information will help you solve your problem quickly. Once you have all of the information you need, it is easy to ignore the rest and move on.

Find the Start Point
When solving logical reasoning questions, the first point doesn’t need to be the hint. Logical reasoning questions may have multiple points. You might waste a lot of time if you don’t follow the order. Begin by reading the entire question slowly and trying to find the first point. This hint is most likely the key to solving the entire question.

Graphical Approach
Sometimes you might come across a question filled with too much information.

You can use the graphical approach to handle these questions. You can present the information in various formats, such as tabular format, bar graphs, or Venn diagrams. This will give you a better understanding of the data and help you decide how to proceed with the question.

Concentrate More on Accuracy
Completing all questions on a competitive exam is almost impossible. It is recommended not to attempt them all. All exams are now marked with negative marks and have a time limit. Remember that you don’t have to answer every question. However, it is important to understand the question and get it right. Focus on accuracy, not on trying to answer more questions.

You know when you are going to answer a question. So, don’t try it unless you’re certain. Your marks will be important in the end.

You can take a lot of mock tests to test your logical reasoning skills so that you are aware of your strengths as well as weaknesses. Preparing as though it were your exam day will help you be more serious and be able to analyze your speed and make improvements.

Take Control of Your Time
Some reasoning questions are difficult to solve in a short time.

You must practice solving all types of questions while practicing. You can maximize your score by knowing your strengths and which questions are the most time-consuming.

Each question is not the same length and can’t be solved quickly. It is important to read the question carefully before you jump to answer it. Also, consider whether the time limit can be met. If you feel that the question is taking too much time or you aren’t sure what the answer is, you can skip it and return to it later. To get some marks, try to answer the easiest questions first. This will increase your confidence and help you to be more confident. Prioritize questions that can be answered quickly. Once you’ve answered all the easy questions, take your time and answer the more difficult questions.

If there are 4 questions, each question has one mark. To answer all four questions, you will need to simplify and decode each of the information. While this question may take you 6-7 minutes to answer, a wrong interpretation can cost you 4 marks as well as 6 minutes. You can try 4 more questions with different information. These questions would take approximately 1-2 minutes each, and they are much easier to solve. These questions do not depend on one another. Even if one question is incorrect, the other can be answered correctly. If you still have time after trying the simpler ones, the other marked questions may be attempted later. They will be easier to manage because they are more time-consuming and require a calm mind.

Check out the options
Logical reasoning questions usually have 4 to 5 options. You must choose one. You can choose the correct answer to most questions by analyzing the options and eliminating irrelevant ones. If there is any confusion between the answers, you can further examine the options. This will help you save time and can be used for other questions that take more time.

It is difficult to prepare for competitive exams. This requires a lot of hard work, time, and effort. You can pass any exam if you put your heart and soul into it. You must be honest with yourself and give your full attention to the task at hand. To prepare for any exam you can take the Reasoning and GK quiz. These will help you to prepare better and be ready to face it on exam day.

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