Stay Hydrated on Flights: Beat Dehydration with Simple Tips

Your body may lose water when you travel, which could make you feel unwell. Dehydration is what it is known as, and it occurs as a result of how dry airplane air is. You can learn why dehydration from flying occurs in this post and what you can do to stop it.


Why Do You Dehydrate Less While Flying?


Minimal Humidity


Very little water is present in the air on airplanes. When you breathe, you lose water more quickly due to the low humidity. Your body seems to be drying out.


Extreme Altitude


Air pressure is lower at higher altitudes in the sky, where planes travel. You breathe more quickly because your body has to work harder to receive enough oxygen. You lose more water when you breathe quickly.


A Little Supply Of Water


You might not have as much access to water while flying as you have while you're on the ground. There may not be enough water in the tiny glasses provided by the flight attendants.



How Does Being Dehydrated Affect You?


Dehydration symptoms can make you feel bad in a number of ways:




Feeling thirsty is the first indication of dehydration. You could feel like drinking something because your mouth might become dry.




You may experience fatigue and sluggishness if you are dehydrated. Your body seems to be operating at low power levels.




An absence of water might cause headaches. Your head can feel as if a tight band is surrounding it.


Dry Eyes And Skin


Dry skin and eyes are signs of dehydration. You can experience discomfort or itching.


Dizziness And Nausea


Dehydration can make you feel lightheaded or even sick in extreme circumstances. This is the time when action is truly required.


How To Be Hydrated While Flying?


Begin by talking about what you can do to prevent it now that you understand why it occurs and how it may make you feel:


Consume Water Frequently.


Drinking water is the most straightforward approach to remain hydrated. Don't wait till you're thirsty; sip water frequently while flying. Bring a refillable water bottle that is empty, and request that the flight attendants replenish it for you.


Skip The Alcohol And Coffee.


Caffeine and alcohol both increase water loss. Avoid drinking alcohol, coffee, and tea throughout the journey. Instead, drink water or herbal teas.


Hydrate Your Skin


You can use moisturizer to avoid dry skin. A tiny lotion container can keep your skin feeling soft and cozy.



Employ Eye Drops


Use lubricating eye drops if you have dry eyes. These may aid in easing any discomfort.


Chew Gum


Gum chewing can increase saliva production, preventing your mouth from being overly dry.


Avoid Salty Food


Having salty meals may increase your thirst. Try to avoid salty aircraft food.


Rest And Unwind


Prior to your departure, getting enough sleep might assist your body in handling the stress of travel. Try to sleep on the flight if you can.




Dehydration during flight can make the trip difficult. You now understand the causes and remedies, though. Regularly sip water and the best drinks for hydration, abstain from caffeine and alcohol, and take good care of your skin. You can keep hydrated and feel your best when flying by following these easy suggestions.

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