A lot of people are talking about weed oil extraction, as using cannabis is becoming more and more popular as a natural way to help with the symptoms of cancer, epilepsy, diabetes, chronic pain, anxiety and depression. But what is it? How do you find weed oil in Las Vegas? And how do you know if your weed oil is safe to use? This blog post will answer these questions by going over the four easy steps for extracting high-quality weed oils at home. Get the best weed oil in Las Vegas by visiting this website.

Step 1: Decarboxylate Your Weed

The first step in the process involves decarboxylation. Decarbing is what happens when you apply heat to THC- and CBD-rich cannabis flower or trim. This releases THC, CBD, other cannabinoids (like CBG and CBC), terpenes and flavonoids by converting them from their acid forms (THCA, CBDA) into their better-known and widely recognized higher state of activation. Terpenes like myrcene, limonene and linalool are also converted from their acid forms by decarboxylation.

Step 2: Extract

There are different methods for weed oil extraction, but the main goal is always the same: removing cannabinoids from your cannabis material and collecting them in a concentrated form. The whole process can be done with minimal effort when you use dry ice to do all the hard work for you!

First, grind up some weed using an herb grinder or coffee grinder. Next, place the weed in a glass baking dish. Make sure it is in an even layer so that all of the weed will be exposed to the dry ice when you add it. Don’t worry if your weed doesn’t cover the entire bottom of the dish.

Step 3: Add Dry Ice

Next, add some dry ice (solid carbon dioxide) to the dish and watch the show. The dry ice will begin to change to gas and bubble up through your pot like a volcano! The bubbling action will help wash the trichomes off the plant material to be collected by our next step.

Step 4: Collect and Store

After about 30 minutes of bubbling your cannabis material, the dry ice will sublimate, or turn from a solid to a gas. The process is complete when you see only ice crystals left at the bottom of the dish. At this point, it’s safe to remove the marijuana and collect your super-potent weed oil!


The oil that you collect will contain THC, CBD and other cannabinoids along with terpenes. It’s a very potent product! You can store your weed oil in a jar or small container and use it as a topical remedy for skin conditions like acne, rashes or dry skin. If this is too much trouble, you can always get your weed oil in Las Vegas at a dispensary.

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