Steps To Call A Plumber For Flooded Basements

Walking into your basement and discovering standing water is one of the worst feelings you can have. Dealing with a flooded basement is time-consuming, tiring, and, you'll be relieved to learn, costly. Fortunately, you can save a lot of money by following this step-by-step approach before calling in a professional residential plumber near me.

1. You can probably blame the weather if it's storming. In that scenario, wait until the event has passed before entering your basement. When it's safe to do so, examine your basement for leaks in the walls, flooring, foundation, or windows. All of these signs point to the storm causing too much water to accumulate around the outside of your basement.

You might have a broken pipe even if it isn't storming. If your basement is finished, finding the leak—unless it's a big gusher might be difficult.

2. You can get rid of standing water in your basement with anything, but a pool pump, wet vacuum, or a mop and bucket are some recommendations. If your basement flooded despite having a sump pump, the sump pump failed. A reputed plumber can assist you in determining what went wrong and how to correct it.

3. Transfer your stuff from the basement and wait at least 48 hours for them to dry. Don't leave these things to dry in the basement; instead, move them to another room or outside to get some light. Examine the basement's floors and walls next. Remove any moist carpet or drywall, since bacteria and mold may thrive in these environments.

4. To dry things out, you’ll need good airflow in your basement for about three days. Get some fans, use a dehumidifier, and get as much circulation as you can. When everything’s completely dry, clean it all with anti-mildew spray. Take precautions to not track anything affected by flooding into other areas of your home. You don’t want to become a fungus farm!

Keep your home dry and safe with the help of one of the top plumbing companies in Brentwood TN.

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