Stress + session = depression, or Who will save the student from a nervous breakdown

The modern student does not always have a good life. A heavy load at the university leads to the fact that sometimes students simply cannot stand their nerves. They, like managers in responsible positions, run the risk of becoming a victim of burnout syndrome. German psychologists have noted an increase in the number of young people suffering from depression. You need to learn how to deal with it. In order not to burn out emotionally there is which can help in writing works. Since the work takes a lot of time, this resource will help save time.

Both fun and difficult
In recent years, serious changes have taken place in the lives of students in Germany. Three quarters of universities have already switched to the Bologna system. As a result, the training time has become shorter, and the teaching material has not diminished.
According to experts, today students are prescribed twice as many antidepressants as working people of the same age group. Many people have to turn to professionals for help. Almost all universities in Germany provide first aid. And students of the University of Münster even organized a "hot line", and they themselves provide support to their peers by phone.
Hello, who's talking?
The Nightline telephone service is open Monday through Friday from 9 pm to 1 am. Its staff - students of the University of Münster - are ready to listen and talk about any problem. One of the employees of the service says that students, dialing the "Night Line" number, often do not know how to talk about their problems. “They feel lonely, cannot cope with stress. Relatives and friends are far away. And sometimes they simply have no one to turn to for help,” he says.
Calling the "Night Line" phone number does not have to introduce yourself by name. Anonymity is guaranteed for both the caller and the consultant. As noted by the students working in the service, they are mainly approached with personal problems. "This is both a feeling of loneliness and a desire to find a partner, some talk about financial difficulties. Fights with a boyfriend or girlfriend, stress in the hostel - and this is not a complete list," adds a hotline employee.
Students for students
Of course, in order to act as psychologists, the guys who work in the "Night Line" undergo special training. However, young psychologists speak with their peers on equal terms and do not try to play the role of professionals. After all, they themselves are well acquainted with student life. “Often they call us and just cry into the phone,” the center's employees say, “many say that they are afraid to take exams. Some cannot cope with the load and drive themselves into stress.”
The "Night Line" will not only provide moral support, but also advise where to turn for professional help. After all, talking on the phone is not always an effective remedy for depression. Each university in Germany has special centers for the provision of psychological assistance. Gaby Jungnickel, a psychologist at the University of Cologne, points out that "the most common problems that students deal with are depression, stress management and low self-esteem."
The reasons are known to all
Modern students have a difficult time. Many find it difficult to cope with the responsibility that falls on them in the university. After all, in addition to studying, you have to solve financial problems. In order not to depend on their parents, many are looking for part-time jobs. This leads to additional stress. It is not easy for motivated students, who often take on an unbearable amount of work. As a result - nervous disorders and insomnia. But modern life improves learning. In order to write a work, you just need to go to the resource which has everything. It will help keep your nerves and sleep.

The most common reasons, according to the study, are fears, manifestations of nervousness, anxiety. But, as noted by company spokesman Andrea Kleinbreuer, another thing is worse: 16 percent had the first signs of depression, the causes of which were fear of exams, stress and lack of time. Added to this is the fear of not finding a job.
A positive trend is that students have ceased to be afraid to talk about their problems. However, according to Gaby Yungnikel, a psychologist at the University of Cologne, girls are more likely to seek help. "70 percent of those who come to us are the female part of the student body. Men are more restrained in this regard," she notes.

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