Supervise the black flying of drones, set up air fences and real-name filing

There are more than 20,000 drones in China, but only 10,000 people in the country have obtained a drone driver's license, which means that nearly 50% of the drones are in a "black flying" state. "Shu Zhenjie, director of the UAV System Research Office of the China Institute of Aviation Comprehensive Technology, gave this set of data. The safety problems caused by UAVs are of concern. How to tame "black flying" UAVs? What kind of order control is established? China What technological means are there to control?

On December 9, at the UAV Summit Forum of the 4th China Internet Audio-Visual Conference, Shu Zhenjie, Director of the UAV System Research Office of the China Institute of Aviation Comprehensive Technology, Executive Director and Executive Secretary General of the China Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association , Ke Yubao, director of the UAV Management Office, shared the "dry goods" of UAV monitoring and management.

Ten thousand drones "black flying" supervision is imminent
Why people are so keen on drones now, Shu Zhenjie believes, is because they can afford it, and supervision is imminent.

Shu Zhenjie mentioned that the management of UAVs is not a unified treatment. For example, 150 kg is a hurdle for UAVs, and those above this weight are basically large UAVs for military use and do not belong to the category of civilian management. At present, the most discussed and often "caused trouble" are generally light and small civilian drones under 150 kg, and these drones are divided into 7 grades for management, "For example, drones less than 1.5 kg are basically toys. , no application is required, but drones over 4kg must meet the requirements for the driver to have a license and provide surveillance means, and those over 25kg must have 'double insurance' and provide two sets of surveillance means."

China is also learning from foreign management experience. The United States implemented a real-name registration system for drones at the end of 2015. The drone owner must send the name, home address, email address and the model of the drone to the Aviation Administration's online system, or face a fine of up to $27,500 .

Wireless Remote Control Portable Drone Blocker GPS Frequency
The "drone cloud" is here, and the mobile phone can check the no-fly zone
"Zhaoan" more "black flyers", China first proposed the concept of "drone cloud" in the world, and it is already in application. According to Ke Yubao, executive director, executive secretary and director of the UAV Management Office of the China Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, this is a dynamic database system for the operation of light and small civil UAVs, providing navigation services and meteorological services to UAV users. At the same time, the flight data is also monitored in real time. The drone is connected to the cloud, providing a monitoring platform for the supervision and management of various departments including the Civil Aviation Administration.

Ke Yubao introduced that by installing the "drone cloud" on a mobile phone, you can see the status of the drone, and you can also see the owner's contact phone number and identity information in the background, providing a basis for law enforcement for relevant departments.

For users, they can use their mobile phones to query the flight restricted area in real time, and remind them in real time which one can go and which one cannot go, so as to achieve a reasonable physical avoidance. At the same time, the entire trajectory of the drone can be retained for three months for retrospective. It is expected that after two to three years, the application for the aircraft plan will be simplified, so that ordinary people can use drones more conveniently.

The "traffic police" in the drone world: electronic fence systems
"The so-called electronic fence technology is to set a no-fly area in advance in the UAV's flight control system. At present, the most common no-fly area is the civil aviation airport." But the use of "electronic fence" will make the drone flight monitoring more reliable. The next step is to unify the market interface of manufacturers and establish a market access system. A drone is equipped with an electronic fence, and the flight control system will automatically return to the flight control system when it reaches the boundary of the fence. For example, it cannot enter the Fifth Ring Road in Beijing. In the future, electronic fences may be set more flexibly according to different time periods and regions.

What if you encounter unmonitored and "bad" drones? There are also many mandatory technical means. Now there are some anti-drone devices on the market, such as "bombing" drones with lasers and radio waves, and drone jammer. Such equipment can be installed in key urban areas in the future. At present, more than 20 manufacturers in China are exploring and producing anti-drone systems.

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