Teach you how to use the Internet to learn marketing knowledge

I was still in college when I firstJIANG Yuwei encountered the concept of marketing. At the time, the major is business administration, and there is no equivalent of the type of work; however, the curriculum includes a marketing course, so there is a preliminary understanding of marketing. After working in operations for many years, the understanding of marketing gradually deepened and systematized, resulting in the content of this piece today.

Some specific methods for learning the Internet.

Read more to expand your knowledge: Network promotion, brand planning, marketing, and psychology-related books must be read in order to ensure that they can read 20+ books and magazines per year, and they typically read 36 Krypton, everyone is a product manager, and other APP articles to improve their way of thinking.

Case study, learn from the successes of others: Search for some classic brand marketing, marketing, new media marketing, and other related cases to analyze some good marketing channels and methods to broaden their vision, one per week is recommended.

Marketing industry gatherings: take part in some industry circles, communities, offline gatherings, training sessions, and so on to improve their marketing thinking while also increasing industry contacts.

Write down your own insights: write down what you think and feel at work on a regular basis; this is your work experience summary and analysis. You can submit your fantastic articles to various self-media platforms and professional marketing websites. Become a well-known marketing author and an industry marketing expert.

This is the most important consideration when looking for marketing jobs. Marketing jobs that are both interesting and profitable are ideal for you.

Another critical point is the need to develop their own distinct system of knowledge and thinking concepts, as well as the vision to identify opportunities, platforms, opportunities, and trends.

You will soon find the direction of future work and promotion if you follow the above methods of learning and implementation.

Network promotion positions are promoted in the following order: network promotion supervisor, Internet marketing manager, marketing manager, chief marketing officer. After 5-10 years, you can become a company's marketing executive, a well-known appointment writer, an Internet marketing training instructor, set up a personal marketing company, open an e-commerce company, and so on. The possibilities for the future are limitless.

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How can the following steps help me learn marketing more effectively?

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