Everyone aims for a white and a brighter smile, but getting it might be not easy. The advances in dental technology have increased the chances for many options to enhance the beauty of your smile.
Similarly, it is applicable in the case of teeth whitening too. Many advances have made the option readily available to the people and comfortable.
Teeth whitening treatment has made the smile of others more accessible and has paved the way for many whiter smiles.

But do you even have any idea about its price?
If yes, it's OK. If not, you can read It and find it here.
In today's article, I'll be talking to you about the teeth whitening treatment cost in Chennai. So read the article till the end to know more.

What is Teeth Whitening Treatment, and How is it performed?
The teeth whitening treatment is a procedure in cosmetic dentistry performed by the dentist to enhance the colour of your teeth and enhance their appearance and brighten your smile.
After applying the mouth guard to your mouth, the dentist performs bleaches to prevent your gums from burning or irritating.
After the treatment, you probably won't get an immediate white tooth but would experience a few shades lighter teeth than the previous one.
However for a best teeth whitening treatment visit the best dental clinic near you.

What causes Teeth discolouration in many people?
Here are a few causes of the discolouration in many people;
Several foods and drinks like coffee, tea, wine and coloured foods can cause teeth discolouration in many people. They make the teeth stain, and thus the teeth become a different colour. Foods and drinks can also affect the colour of the teeth.
Using tobacco leaves and other tobacco products like a cigarette can also affect the colour of the teeth and make them darker. Mostly you can see that people who use tobacco products have darkened teeth, and thus it is also one of the causes of teeth discolouration.
Poor oral hygiene:
Poor oral hygiene is also one of the most common causes of discolouration. Improper oral hygiene causes plaque build-up in the teeth and thus changes the colour of the teeth, and it also causes tooth decay and bad breath.
With age, the enamel loses and causes darkened teeth. Age also causes one's teeth to discolour, and enamel loss can cause your teeth to stain and weaken.
If you are suffering from any periodontal disease, it also can cause your teeth to change their colour. Mostly in such cases, you'll usually experience a dull-coloured tooth.
So these were some of the causes of the teeth discolouration in many people.

What are the different types of teeth whitening?
There are two types of teeth whitening treatment. They are Home-based teeth whitening and office-based teeth whitening;
Home-based Teeth-whitening:
Home-based teeth whitening treatment is a teeth whitening procedure that is performed at home with simple strips and gels oneself. Primarily the home-based teeth whitening treatment lasts only between 3-4 months. It is a temporary procedure and lasts for a brief period, and it is less expensive than the office-based teeth whitening treatment.
Office-based Teeth Whitening Treatment:
The dentist performs office-based teeth whitening treatment at the dental clinic, and it provides you with long term results and lasts longer compared to home-based whitening. The Office based whitening can lasts for 2-3 years with appropriate care and a proper diet. The office-based teeth whitening treatment is more expensive than home-based teeth whitening.
So these are two different types of teeth whitening treatments.

How much does the Teeth whitening treatment cost?
The cost of teeth whitening treatment in Chennai differs based on several factors like the dental clinic, the expertise of the dentist and the type of teeth whitening you opt for.
If you opt for home-based teeth whitening, you must at least have INR 8000, whereas, for office-based teeth whitening, you must have at least 12,000-13,000 INR.

What are the benefits of teeth whitening treatment?
Here are some listed benefits of the teeth whitening treatment;
Enhances appearance:
Everyone mostly loves whiter and brighter teeth. You can get brighter teeth and a brighter smile through teeth whitening treatment, which you can get in a few minutes after the treatment.
Reliable and quick:
The teeth whitening treatment is reliable and quick, and easy to perform. The treatment is also faster to execute; with no more delay, you can complete the treatment within a few hours, and it is also reliable as it provides you with the desired result!
Guaranteed Treatment:
The office-based teeth-whitening is guaranteed and is more reliable than the home-based teeth whitening treatment as it is performed under the guidance of the dentist and professionals, which makes it a more reliable one.
Long-lasting results:
The teeth whitening treatment can provide you with lasting results which can last for a more extended period. Thus it helps your teeth stay whiter for a more extended period to help them remain whiter and brighter.
If you are trying for a safer treatment, you can opt for the professional one as it is safer because it is performed under the guidance of the dentists; they are regarded as one of the safest treatments for their teeth.
So these were some of the benefits of the teeth whitening treatment.

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I hope you find the article helpful. If you have any queries or suggestions, you can ask them below in the comment section. Stay connected. See you soon.
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