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How to contact google in kenya?

Posted by Pvalo Blog on February 5, 2023 at 9:26pm 0 Comments

Intro: For many of us, Google is an integral part of our lives. From using Google Maps to figure out the quickest route to work to using Google Drive to store our important documents, it's hard to imagine life without it. But what do you do if you need help from Google in Kenya? This article will provide a step-by-step guide on how to contact Google in Kenya. It will explain what services are offered and how you can reach out for support or assistance.

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Sex dolls, or more commonly known as sexdolls, are dolls with a faithful representation of men or women. These 2.0 inflatable dolls are made of silicone or TPE often incorporating an articulated metal skeleton allowing them to be placed in any desired position.

Teen Love Doll

Many steps are necessary to obtain the perfect sexdoll aesthetically but also in terms of resistance and comfort of use...

In this article, I will detail the steps for making a successful sexdoll.

1. Sexdoll Face Sculpt

To begin with, our sculptors draw a face for the future DL Doll, then model it using a special clay-like paste.

As with the rest of the body, when it comes to creating a face, anything is possible! According to the desires of the sculptor, the face can be of different types and different shapes (Asian, European, Fanciful, Imaginary, etc.).

2. The molding of the face of the Sexdoll

Once sculpted, the face is then used to make a mold. It is brushed with a special product allowing the silicone not to adhere to the sculpture.

This mold will be used to make several hundred copies of this new face. At this stage, we choose a first name for this future sexdoll.

This name will allow us to easily recognize a specific model.

3. Integration of the Sexdoll's eyelashes, eyebrows and hair

At this stage, the face is ready. The burrs have been cut out and all that remains is to implant the eyelashes, eyebrows and hair of the JY Doll.
Hair is an option and not all dolls have it. It is a long and tedious job that requires a lot of patience and dexterity. Most of the sexdolls are sold with wigs so as to offer more competitive prices and it allows you to change the face of your sex doll from time to time ^^

If you want a sexdoll with implanted hair, know that it does not prevent the addition of a wig to spice up your evenings, don't worry!

4. Sex doll body molding

Teen Love Dolls

Comes the most delicate part of the manufacturing! Molding in Silicone or TPE (depending on the model chosen)
5. Preparation of the Sexdoll body

The molding leaves some traces and burrs on the body of the sexdoll. The preparation methods differ depending on the type of material used when making the sex doll.

For a silicone sex doll:
The burrs will be removed using a sharp cutter type blade. Since silicone is “thicker” than TPE, this way of proceeding is the most appropriate.

For a TPE sex doll:
Defects and burrs will be melted and smoothed using a tool equipped with a resistance type soldering iron. TPE is more brittle and less dense than silicone and would be difficult to cut with a blade.

6. Makeup and beauty of the Sexdoll

The production is coming to an end, all that remains is to prepare the doll before sending it to its owner.

We start by lightly powdering it with talc. This step is necessary to make the sex doll soft when showered.

Then, the head is made up, the nails varnished and the hair styled. Then we dress her up in pretty lingerie and she's finally ready for shipping.

7. Shipping the Sexdoll to the customer

So! It's time to leave...

The sexdoll is pretty and dressed, it is carefully placed in a very resistant box and without any markings.

Indeed, our customers wishing to remain discreet, we ship our Love Doll in neutral and perfectly confidential packaging.

Where will she go this time? At home maybe?

If you also want to get the ideal Sexdoll, the one of your dreams! Visit our online store by clicking below:

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