The Best 1911 Holsters: A Comprehensive Review and Buying Guide


The 1911 pistol is a classic and iconic firearm that has stood the test of time. As a responsible firearm owner, it's essential to invest in a high-quality holster that provides secure retention, comfortable carry, and quick access to your 1911. With a wide range of options available on the market, this comprehensive review and buying guide will help you choose the best 1911 holster that meets your specific needs and preferences.

Galco Combat Master:
The Galco Combat Master is a popular choice for 1911 owners. Crafted from premium saddle leather, this holster offers excellent retention and a traditional pancake design for a close and comfortable fit. It features an open-top design for quick and smooth draw, and its molded shape helps maintain the holster's integrity over time.

Safariland 6360 ALS/SLS Level III Retention:
For those seeking a higher level of retention and security, the Safariland 6360 ALS/SLS is an outstanding option. It features an automatic locking system (ALS) that secures the pistol upon holstering and a self-locking system (SLS) for additional retention. The holster is made from durable thermoplastic and offers a smooth draw and easy reholstering.

StealthGearUSA Ventcore IWB Mini:
If you prefer inside-the-waistband (IWB) carry, the StealthGearUSA Ventcore IWB Mini is a top-tier choice. This holster combines a breathable, moisture-wicking backing with a rigid Kydex shell for optimal comfort and retention. It offers adjustable retention and a low-profile design that allows for deep concealment without sacrificing accessibility.

CrossBreed Supertuck:
The CrossBreed Supertuck is another popular IWB holster for 1911 pistols. It features a leather backing that molds to your body over time, providing a comfortable and secure fit. The adjustable cant and retention ensure a personalized carry experience, while the wide holster base distributes weight for enhanced comfort during all-day wear.

Blade-Tech OWB Holster:
If you prefer outside-the-waistband (OWB) carry, the Blade-Tech OWB Holster is worth considering. Made from durable injection-molded polymer, this holster offers a precise fit, excellent retention, and a quick draw. It features adjustable retention and multiple attachment options for versatility in carry positions.

DeSantis Speed Scabbard:
The DeSantis Speed Scabbard is a classic OWB holster that combines simplicity and functionality. Made from premium saddle leather, it offers a precise fit, excellent retention, and a reinforced mouth for easy reholstering. The forward cant enhances concealment while allowing for a natural draw stroke.


When it comes to choosing the best 1911 holster, it's essential to consider factors such as your preferred carry position (IWB or OWB), retention level, comfort, and overall build quality. The Galco Combat Master, Safariland 6360 ALS/SLS, StealthGearUSA Ventcore IWB Mini, CrossBreed Supertuck, Blade-Tech OWB Holster, and DeSantis Speed Scabbard are all excellent options, each with its own unique features and advantages. Ultimately, selecting the best 1911 holster depends on your personal preferences and intended use. Ensure you prioritize safety, comfort, and ease of use when making your final decision.

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