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The Best Mechanical Pencils to Spend Your Money On

Having a great mechanical pencil can help you improve your writing as well as drawing skills, but it’s not an easy task to decide which one should be bought. However, we have listed some of the best mechanical pencils available currently in the market. These pencils have nice designs, great tips, and fantastic inks to make your writing, drawing, note-taking, or whatever work you do precisely. So, without wasting much more time, let’s take a look at the pencils; here they are:

Uni Kurutoga Pipe Slide 0.5nm

Uni Kurutoga Pipe Slide is one of the best mechanical pens for drawing. The pencil continuously rotates its lead while writing so that you can draw consistent lines. Additionally, it has the self-sharpening ability. Even the design of the pencil is very nice. In terms of performance, this pencil is outstanding, and I would strongly recommend you consider buying it.

Pental 200

Pental 200 is a super affordable mechanical pencil with a good design, decent performance, and a nice tip. The pencil comes with an eraser that doesn’t last long. However, it’s overall a great deal and a valuable product. You can consider buying it, especially if your budget is too tight. Otherwise, you can look for other options.

Rotring 800

Rotring 800 is one of the most high-end mechanical pencils. It weighs 90.7g and features a 0.5mm lead diameter. Rotring 800 works on twist-and-click mechanism. The pencil includes high-end engineering, and it feels very luxurious in hand. It is specifically designed for serious artwork. Rotring 800 has a metal body and an excellent non-slip metal grip. The pencil is very comfortable to use, and it’s great for working for long periods, working on something special, etc. It’s unquestionably the best mechanical pencil that you can get now for multi-purpose, but it’s quite expensive. So, if you can afford it, you shall buy it.

Pentel Grapher 500 Automatic Drafting Pencil

Pentel Grapher 500 is quite lightweight but a very functional mechanical pencil; it weighs only 22.7g. It comes with a wide range of lead diameters, including 0.3mm, 0.5mm, 0.7mm, or 0.9mm; you can select any of them based on your requirements. Additionally, it features a 4mm fixed sleeve for technical drawing and template work. It offers you a metallic-mesh grip for comfortable writing. Besides that, this pencil includes a built-in lead hardness indicator that helps you quickly identify the lead type you are using. The pencil has a great design, and it runs very smoothly; you can precisely draw a lot of stuff with it. You should consider this pencil buying.

LAMY 2000

LAMY 2000 is an outstanding mechanical pencil for writing; it has a fantastic tip that produces smooth and beautiful lines. Even in terms of durability, it’s an excellent pencil. The pencil is quite light and very comfortable to hold or use. Additionally, it has a very nice design. The overall performance of the pencil is remarkable, but it’s a bit expensive. However, if you want a solid pen with a great tip for writing precisely, you shall consider buying it.

These are all the mechanical pencils that we recommend you purchase; they all work very nicely and will give you quite a satisfactory experience. That’s all for this article. Thank you for reading it. Have a great day!


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