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Why MILCOM is the Go-To Choice for Telecommunications Training

Posted by Milcom Institute on December 5, 2023 at 1:09am 0 Comments


In the rapidly evolving world of telecommunications, staying ahead of the curve and acquiring the necessary skills and knowledge is crucial for professionals aiming to excel in this dynamic industry. This is where specialized telecommunications training programs come into play. Among the numerous institutions offering training in telecommunications, MILCOM stands out as the go-to choice for individuals seeking top-tier education and preparation for successful careers in… Continue

Solving Piping Problems: A Piping Stress Engineer's Perception

Posted by Harry on December 5, 2023 at 1:08am 0 Comments

Piping pressure engineering represents a crucial role in the style and function of professional techniques, ensuring the architectural reliability and reliability of piping systems below various running conditions. That control combines engineering principles, materials science, and sophisticated examination methods to mitigate possible problems and enhance the performance of complex piping networks.

Knowledge Piping Strain Executive:

Piping strain designers are tasked… Continue

Coir Yarn is one of the oldest natural fibres found in the world today. It has consumed  for more a millennium by different coastal regions across the world . Many industrial and household products are being manufactured from this fibre.Coir Yarn traders in Salemis very popular all over the world .Coir is obtained from the fruit of the coconut tree. The water resistant fibres which are strong cover cocunuts inner fruit. The white flesh in inned side of thefruit  is formed by hard brown kernel. The fibrous layer forms a strong, shockabsorbing mesh which protects the seed from mechanical damage and is waterresistant.The individual fibre cells are  hollow and narrow , with walls thick  of cellulose. They look pale when at immature stage but later they turn hardened and turn yellow when a  lignin layer, a woody chemical which is complex, is sprayed on their walls. Mature brown coir fibres contain more lignin and less cellulose than fibres such as flax and cotton and so are stronger but less flexible. White fibre is smoother and finer than theharder brown fibre but is also weaker. The coir yarn  is generally waterproof and is the only natural fibre that is damage resistant  by salt water.

Coir Yarn traders in Salemare known to supply one of the finest coir yarn fiber in salem .


Total world coir fibre production is 250,000 tonnes. The coir yarn industry is particularly important in some areas of the developing world.In India, majorly  the Kerala State, produces 60% of  of white coir fibre total world supply. Sri Lanka is the country which forms 36% of the total world fibre brown output. Around most  of the coir yarn produced annually in the world is used in the countries of origin, India mainly .

Yarns and Fibers have been a great discovery for humanity since their first known usage around 1000 years back. Various fibers like the coir from the coconut, cotton, jute have all helped in creating such wonderful things which we have today. Further utilization of these raw natural fibers have resulted in the formation of yarns which is still is the basic ground for all our apparel and clothing industry. In short the entire textile industry is absolutely dependent on these yarns right from the home textile industry to technical textile industry for the interlining work in all the articles and accessories. Natural fibers are still in great demand though man-made fibers are taking the lead in the textile industry.


For More Info: Coir Pith 

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