The concrete patching material is used in the repair

And the transshipment, lifting, storage of these original fuel needs support from concrete structures. Daily load of the concrete structure is great. It inevitably causes the damages in transporting, loading, storage of raw material and fuel. Once surface of the reinforced concrete structure is damaged, the bare steel bar will leak out, over time it will be oxidized to rust. It will affect the entire structure, even affect the safety of the entire concrete structures. So the quickly repair of damaged surface of concrete and achievement of the intensity are particularly important. Otherwise it will affect the normal production of metallurgical enterprises.The concrete patching material is used in the repair of concrete damaged surface of a building material, repair materials, the objective requirements it has a high early strength, Aluminum Rivet Nuts Suppliers good durability, and good surface finish.

Which are mostly in the concrete repair material using fly ash or blast furnace slag, fly ash and blast furnace slag in the concrete repair material content too much, it will reduce the early strength of concrete repair materials, and reduce its wear resistance, ineffective, but do not adapt to the actual situation of the metallurgical enterprisesAt present, metal powder exporter has little study in the repair compound mixed with silica powder. People have increasingly high demand for concrete repair materials, which would require more high early strength. It also requires the construction with a good surface effect of microsilica joined the performance of repair materials, which in this paperA number of experiments confirmed that the silica powder can improve the concrete performance of a number of repair material. Adding silica powder in repair material mixed can meet the stringent requirements of concrete patching material.In the mortar or concrete, fill in the cement paste, silica fume cement paste hole to the number of significantly reduced, homogeneous increased, while the total porosity remained basically unchanged. Slurry and aggregate interfacial transition zone microsilica, reducing the bleeding of mortar or concrete to prevent moisture gathering in the aggregate the following aggregate interfacial transition zone and cement paste microstructure, thereby enhancing the interface filter area density and reduce the effective interface thickness of the filter area, micro-silica powder particles of CH seed, CH crystal size smaller, more random orientation.

Therefore, the incorporation of silica fume improved the bond strength of mortar or concrete, cements paste and aggregate, and eliminates the weak link of the different composite components in the concrete, mortar or concrete composite material properties. Bone particles in the mortar or concrete play an enhanced role, not just inert filler. Silicon powder’s functions on impact strength of cement paste are not very big. But it can make the same water-cement ratio of concrete strength was significantly higher than the strength of the matrix paste.Adding 5% silica fume in concrete repair material can reduce the patch material consistency and increase workability. It is more conducive to on-site construction. Mixing the silica fume which accounted for 5% of weight of cement in repair mortar can improve the repair mortar flexural strength by 20% to 30%. It can increase the compressive strength by 10% to 30%. Silica fume can increase the workability of the repair mortar and makes repair mortar surface smooth and beautiful. The concrete repair material formulations mixing with silica fume have been applied in the steel stockpiling overhaul and road repair can achieve good effect. So the damage in concrete floor and main roads surface gets a timely effective repair. The service life is nearly double than the original ones.Source:

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