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sip trunking canada

Posted by ixica on November 30, 2021 at 6:33am 0 Comments


SIP Trunking (Session Initiated Protocol) services for any PBX system, with coverage coast to coast across Canada.

Switch to IXICA and save big on your communication cost. 100% Canadian service provider.

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Enterprise grade SIP Trunking, interop tested with major PBX brands, multiple POP's across Canada & the United States

and trusted by thousands of…


Complete Scooters Not Cutting It? Finish a Custom Scooter Build at Kryptic Pro Scooters!

Posted by Seth Patterson on November 30, 2021 at 6:33am 0 Comments

The New Year is right around the corner and there’s no time like the New Year to turn a new page on some hot new equipment to fuel your passion, be it trick riding or otherwise.

If you’re looking to treat yourself to a new scooter for 2022 and you’re not quite feeling the standard, custom builds, break the mold and visit Kryptic Pro Scooters over at…


Best Personalised Kids Room Decor Products Online

Posted by Priya Sarma on November 30, 2021 at 6:33am 0 Comments

Your Kids Bedroom needs more attention than other rooms. There are many kids products available in the market but those are really making you Satisfy or the real product you want to decor your Room? Select the best personalised kids room decor products online from Rightgifting . You can customise the decor products in a way you want with your kids' favourite designs or images. For example, customised kids room wall décor, customised height size chart, customised cushion cover. Don't you…


Sand blasting machine

Posted by Sand blasting machine on November 30, 2021 at 6:33am 0 Comments

Sand blasting machine

Sandblasting is a way of smoothing and cleaning a hard surface by forcing solid particles on the surface of the workpiece at high speeds by using compressed air from the air compressor.

With aggressive blasting, the sand moved against a surface. With shot blasting, on the other hand, small metal balls or beads are propelled or moved against a texture. The beads are often made of stainless steel, copper,…


With the announcement of the controversial Apple Watch Series 7, I think that I am finally giving up on my Apple Watch. I have written a few articles about an experiment I did with not wearing my Apple Watch for a month. I wrote about the initial FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) to the unexpected joy of not having to worry about the battery dying every day and everything in between. It was eye-opening and a much-needed break from the constant barrage of notifications and pings on my wrist.

At the end of the experiment, I went back to the watch and enjoyed it for a very short time. I found myself not using it nearly as much, and the habits I broke during my sabbatical didn’t come rushing back. I used Apple Pay with my iPhone; I checked my messages a few times a day. Everything that I relied on the Apple Watch for was replaced, and it was not a big deal. I think that unlocking my Macbook with my finger is easy enough to live with and hardly a reason to keep wearing the watch.

I now see the apps on the watch as something that is somewhat silly — checking the weather, checking a sports score, replying to a text, getting a ping on your wrist when your next turn is approaching. They all can be done very quickly with your phone, and do you need to check the weather ten times a day or be reminded to breathe?
The health sensors are great, but do I need to wear a medical device on my wrist, just in case? All of the marketing and five years of drinking the Apple Kool-Aid about the Apple Watch was washed away in a single month.
Exercising was a little tricky. I would want to check my steps and distance when I walk, but I do the same basic route every day, so I know the distance, and any watch can tell me the time it takes to complete it. I was also doing some Apple Fitness + workouts and they require the watch, so I need to decide whether it is worth wearing the watch just during workouts.

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