The Difference Between Traditional T-Shirt Printing and Sublimation

If you are in an apparel or clothing business, then you must know about the different types of t shirt printing methods. With this knowledge, you will certainly be able to optimize the manufacturing process and get your order ready in time.
PSI Screen Printing has been making t shirt printing very feasible and cost-effective for various brands out there. And when it comes to helping our clients choose an appropriate solution, we are always one step ahead. Following the vein, let’s dig into traditional t-shirt printing and sublimation one by one.
What suits you more, traditional t-shirt printing or sublimation?
Traditional T-Shirt Printing
You can also call screen printing as it uses actual screens to etch the design into the garment. Post finalizing the design, separate layers are created for each colour and screens are created for them. So, if your design has 4 colours, 4 separate screens will be made for each colour and they will be implemented one by one.
This makes it a little-consuming method, but only at the initial level. It becomes an ideal printing technique for bulk orders of t-shirts with limited colours. It actually has a number of benefits that you should know.
This printing method can be used on almost any flat surface.
It lets you print simple designs on a wide variety of fabrics.
It becomes an apt option for mass production of t-shirts with the same design.
It emerges as the go-to method for printing names and logos.
You can also do gradients with the right technique and expertise.
The designs are durable, withstands direct sunlight and years of wear.
Suitable for high-volume orders, if you’re printing a modest number of t-shirts, then screen printing would be more time-consuming and won’t be cost-effective at all.
Sublimation Printing Technique
This technique is known for making designs perpetual. The process involves a sublimation printing machine and special transfer paper ink. It is different from using a carrier sheet in inkjet printing that just applies the colour on top of the t-shirt.
With this method, the transfer paper is heated which results in colours transforming into gas. The gaseous form of colours gets deep-seated into the pores of the fabric and becomes inseparable from the clothing. And this process has its own benefits.
The designs are permanent, they never fade or disappear.
It also keeps the design consistent throughout the extent of the fabric.
The fabric remains soft even with an intricate resulting in delivering comfort.
You can get complex designs transferred with ease and efficacy.
Full-colour transfers in one go, no separate layering needed.
It can only be used on 100% polyester apparel or on garments with a polymer coating.
Also, it uses transparent inks that can be used on white or light-coloured substrates only.
So now you know the difference between the two major t shirt printing methods used in the apparel industry. PSI printing makes both of them available for its clients and delivers the order on time with no delays. We are able to process voluminous orders on time while giving you 100% satisfactory results.
If you want to produce and sell a large number of t-shirts then we’re the go-to service provider for you. We’ll deliver the best thing to you at a very affordable cost too.

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