The first is the Silver Rewards from specific Una's Tasks

The first is the Silver Rewards from specific Una's Tasks, or an assortment of side quests. Particularly, the Una's Tasks can be found easily to figure to determine which ones reward the highest reward Lost Ark Gold. All you need to do is go into the menu of tasks for Una Then, Reputation Status. and then click the magnifying glass on the right to see what the Rewards are for the level of Reputation in different tasks.

However, regardless of how they try they will not find the most reliable source for Silver as the tasks on Lopang Island. They are all marked with "Special Delivery:" in their Quest title, and each has a unique Quest accessible in each of the main regions. Making a character or an assortment of characters Bifrost at Lopang Island and then all three of the most rewarding destinations for rewards (AKA Arthetine, Vern, and Shushire) is definitely valuable Bifrost Slots and the time invested. By establishing this path players are able to log in and earn anywhere from 50k to 100k per day for a single character, based on the character's level of item.

Chaos Dungeons

Next up are Chaos Dungeons, more specifically, the Chaos Dungeons runs that use up your character's Aura of Resonance are the ones that actually provide a significant quantity of Silver (AKA the two runs per day). It's hard to notice the amount of Silver is getting snatched away along with the other items that are being dropped such as Accessories such as Armor Pieces as well as Special Tickets (which are needed for EXP for the final game in particular) However, every run usually gives about 100k to a Tier 3 character. In fairness, it's not as if people don't play the Chaos Dungeons as part of their routine anyway, but it's great to know that these games are giving players money and also filling the chest of materials. Once players begin truly embracing the entire Card Awakening system of Lost Ark This Silver drain is likely to be more dependent on sources like these.

Chaos Dungeon Secret Rooms

Speaking of Chaos Dungeons, the standard rooms aren't always the only way get Silver (and Gold) in these arenas of mob clearing. The golden portals that pop up periodically as an alternative to the standard portal are also a fantastic opportunity to earn a little of bonus Silver on top of the obvious amount that the rest of the Chaos Dungeon gives best place to buy Lost Ark Gold. Unfortunately, like the normal rooms the pile of Silver is dependent on Aura of Resonance also and can provide Gold and extra materials when encountered on a no-Resonance run.

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