The myth of highly priced players in cricket fantasy app

In fantasy cricket, the pricing played an important role in winning or losing in fantasy cricket leagues. The pricing is like points or buying amount for the selected players, as the best fantasy cricket app offers total points to select the final 11 players for compiling the teams, and players need to make the powerful 11 within the limit of 100 points (credits). The real challenge for the fantasy cricket players is that they need to consider the weaker players due to shortage of points. The selection of players within the points limit demands more research work about the game and cricketers all around the globe.

The main problem for the fantasy players started with the myth, as most of the players believe that the highly priced cricketers should be selected in the team otherwise you end up losing in the contest. The myth of higher priced cricketers circulated everywhere and the main thing which needs to be understood is that the cricketer needs to perform on the field regardless of the pricing which is set by the fantasy cricket app. The pricing of the cricketers is set on the basis of the recent performances, and it gives the idea of the in-form cricketer. The pricing helps to determine the ability of the cricketer, as the high ranked cricketers possess phenomenal records and that's why most of the fantasy cricket players select them in the team.

Not all the time the highly priced cricketers performed on the field, but it’s like they are more likely to perform among all. The smart fantasy players don’t run after the highly priced cricketers in the fantasy cricket league, they always keep an eye on the performances of the cricketers. The smart technique always prevails in fantasy cricket, and to think differently is the most rewarding technique for successful fantasy players. Selecting highly ranked players resist the fantasy players to make a balanced winning team because the highly priced cricketers take away all the credit points. The smart fantasy players always make a balanced 11, as they select only fewer highly priced cricketers and select more low priced and utility cricketers in the lineup. For example, Player 1 selects 5 high priced cricketers and 6 low priced non performing cricketers in the last few matches whereas Player 2 selects 3 high priced cricketers and 8 low priced performing cricketers in the last few games then the question arises that who has the better chance to win the contest?. The player 2 is a smart player and his team prevails in fantasy cricket, whereas the player 1 who selects more high priced cricketers depends on the individuals to perform.

There is a slight risk in not selecting the high priced cricketers because the majority of fantasy players select these cricketers in the team and by not selecting the most selected cricketers in the best fantasy app could backfire at the end, but fantasy cricket is all about taking risks and calculated risk always gives rewards. The main reason behind the success of a good fantasy player is that they play on the performances of the cricketers and they never see the pricing of individual players, as the pricing comes into play after the performances.

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