The perfect combo for a night out in Chapel Street!

Andrzej's Borsch, Vodka and Tears accompanies a recipe for a Clean work of art. It's one that he recalls from his young life in Poland before WWII. It was my mum's recipe, he says. I recollect how she would make it when I was a small child. So what's going on here? It's borscht - beetroot soup with vegetables, he makes sense of. We serve it with vodka shots as an afterthought. It could seem like a strange mix yet Andrzej demands that they go together like bread and butter. There are many advantages to drinking this specific kind of borscht soup which incorporate its capacity to bring down circulatory strain, further develop course and ease obstruction.

1) Fill a glass with ice. 2) Add borsch to the highest point of the ice. 3) Add vodka to the borsch until it is nearly gushing out. 4) Add carbonated water until it is spilling over and falls into the beverage beneath. 5) Pour a shot or two of Worcestershire sauce on top so it mixes in with different fixings. 6) Mix delicately for 10 seconds to consolidate everything together prior to drinking! 7) Trimming with a lemon cut whenever wanted.

Andrzej came to Australia in the mid 1980s. He had an energy for food, drink and friendliness. After some time he understood that there were no Clean eateries in Sydney, so he opened one. As well as this he likewise opened a bar which served Clean vodka on draft - it was called Borsch, Vodka and Tears. These days Andrzej has surrendered work at the eatery yet at the same time buckles down behind the bar with his child to keep his fantasy alive.

Church road is a notorious Melbourne laneway in the core of the city. A notable region with many bars have been around for quite a long time. You'll find everything from underground rocker bars to rich mixed drink lounges. Here are the best bars on Church Road worth looking at during your one night from now out.

Andrzej Kaczmarski was a Clean man who left Warsaw for St Kilda in the mid 1980s. He had a basic dream - to open up his own bar in the suburbs where he resided. With this desire, he applied for a new line of credit from his father by marriage to assist him with making his blessing from heaven. Tragically when he opened up Borsch, Vodka and Tears on House of prayer Road toward the start of 1985, it wasn't the achievement he trusted it would be.

In the end he figured out how to set aside sufficient cash to purchase a little shop on Sanctuary Road that served important point drinks, Clean food and dumplings made by hand without anyone else or his better half Janina. Borsch Vodka and Tears was conceived out of this adoration for Poland's food as well as its kin.

He cherished Australia and needed to remain everlastingly however after three years the Australian government shut its boundaries to Clean migrants so they had no real option except to return back home.

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