The price of the dollar and its impact on starting an online business

Today we want to talk about the price of the dollar and what effect it can have on online business .

As you know, the price of the dollar has a great impact on all physical businesses as well as the price of goods.

The virtual community is not exempt from this rule and the increase or decrease in the price of the dollar can have an impact on the final cost of setting up and managing an online business.

Continue with us to examine the impact of the dollar price on online business.

Dollar price and website setup fee:

If you have done website design before, you are certainly familiar with the dollar costs of setting up an online business, but if you are not familiar with this field, we must announce that setting up a website at the very beginning will require a dollar cost. had

The first thing you have to consider for setting up a website is the name of the website seed, which is very low if you use the ir domain, but in cases where you want to choose a domain other than the ir domain, for example the com domain that It is very popular, you have to spend in dollars and keep in mind that with the increase in the price of the dollar , a very high cost will be required to renew the domain in the coming years.

The second item is the website host, which, considering that quality hosts use external services, a dollar fee must be paid for this item as well.

Of course, in the past few years, Iranian hosts have also tried to get closer to foreign hosts, but in the same Iranian hosts, some services must be paid in dollars.

The impact of the dollar indirectly:

Above, we discussed two of the most important things in website costs in dollars.

In addition to the above, we must keep in mind that the increase in the price of the dollar will lead to an increase in other costs as well.

You should keep in mind that if you want to use an employee for your website or attract a writer for your website, you have to pay more because with the increase in inflation, you have to pay more for hiring.

Other side costs such as banner design for the website and website maintenance costs will also be the same.

The price of the dollar also affects SEO costs, for example the costs of getting backlinks and placing ads on other sites will increase.

This case will be more visible in many cases where you want to launch a tribute website, and of course, the costs of backlinks and advertising will appear more in dollars.

With the current exchange rates, should we visit an Iranian or a foreign site?

Certainly, launching an international website, whether in the past or now, is not comparable to launching a website for users of a specific country.

If you have enough budget, surely by spending in dollars, the return of capital will be in dollars, euros or any currency, and you will not have any worries about the price of dollars, because the price of euros or, for example, the price of dirhams is parallel to the  dollar . increase.

However, you should also keep in mind that due to the high costs of setting up a foreign and competitive website in the world, achieving income requires spending a lot of time and spending a lot of money, and it is possible that even your site will fail as a result. do not arrive

But on the other hand, if your website succeeds, the inflation in society will not have much effect on your business.

If you want to start a foreign website, you should not go for websites that have high competition.

Although famous and big foreign websites have very high income, keep in mind that even though you are powerful, people who live in big countries like America and Europe can spend much more. They will not be afraid of spending money.

So it is better to go for ideas that have less competition and you can earn money sooner.


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