The Process Of Ultrafine Vertical Mill

Ultrafine vertical mill debugging In the process of debugging, the motor should be turned first, and then the motor should be idling for 6 hours, and the voltage potential should be within the designed range, so that the bearing temperature should be maintained at 40 °C up and down.
During the debugging process, the load ultrafine vertical mill should also be operated to make it run for 20 hours for debugging.

If the ultrafine vertical mill runs smoothly, there is no abnormal noise during operation, and the tooth surface is in good contact, it means that the ultrafine vertical mill debugging work is smooth and the equipment can operate normally.

In addition, during the debugging work, it should be ensured that the temperature of the ultrafine vertical mill bearing is less than 50℃.

At the same time, in the process of no-load operation, some materials should be tested first to ensure that there is no abnormality in the operation of the ultrafine vertical mill, and then gradually add some materials for observation until the ultrafine vertical mill reaches a higher load and operates at 48 hours or more.

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