The Himalayas has stood the test of time and presented human beings with wonderful gifts of nature. The natural and pure form of water from the Himalayas is no less than a natural gift to mankind. Often, we forget about the mystic enveloping nature. Nature has an abundance of resources and water is one amongst them. Himalayan water has been providing human beings with the purest form of life.

Water is precious. Himalayan water is packed with natural minerals and goodness of nature that can equip us with good health. The waters from the Himalayas have spent a marvellous journey of 20 years tumbling down the slope mountains and valleys picking minerals on its way before hitting the plains where it is bottled as mineral water.

Goodness of Himalayan water:
It has a balanced pH of around 7.3, that is considered mildly alkaline. The scale of 0 to 14 has 7 as the midpoint. Himalayan water is ideal for drinking and it has a lower concentration of hydrogen ions.

The water from the mighty Himalayas is equipped with natural minerals and electrolytes. Minerals like magnesium, sodium, and calcium load the water with goodness.
It has a great taste.

Health benefits of Himalayan water:
Himalayan natural water is unprocessed and this makes the water ideal for health. It is taken directly from the peak of the mountain range.

The perfect balance of alkaline level present in the water is good for health. The alkaline level helps to reduce acid reflux. It kills pepsin, the enzyme that is the main cause of acid reflux. Alkaline water helps to keep blood pressure and cholesterol under control, diabetes under check. After workout, drinking alkaline water can increase blood flow by 3% as compared to drinking regular water.

The mineral content leaves the user with a feeling of freshness.

It also contributes to anti-ageing and anti-disease properties that are present in the water.
Purest form of Himalayan natural drinking water helps to keep the oxygen level high, improves energy, and metabolism in the human body.

USP of Himalayan water:
The USP of Himalayan water lies in the presence of alkalinity in it because it naturally occurs in the water. Naturally occurring levels of alkalinity is better than adding drops of baking soda or other additives to make the water alkaline. As the water passes and filters through the layers of rocks down the mountain range, it collects minerals in it. This gives the mineral content to the water and makes it pure and healthy for drinking. It is good for bones, teeth, and hair in the human body.
Hege believes in bringing the best of Himalayan water to the humans. Drinking water can be found in its purest form in the bottled water offered by Hege. It is full of the goodness of nature. The company wants to provide the users with the most beneficial natural resource that is precious for life. We call it Water and we know that water is life. Every drop of Hege Himalayan water contains purity and health benefits.

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