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When you cook for family and friends You must ensure that you use the highest quality ingredients, cooking mediums such as vegetables, spices, and everything that would make your food more nutritious and delicious. How often do you consider the cookware used in cooking? If you've never paid attention, it is time to. The cookware that you use for cooking can be a major positive or negative effect on the food cooks with it. In this article, we shall discuss some best utensils that you should use for cooking and also talk about the ones to avoid!

Which Utensils Are Best for Cooking?

There can be many health threats lurking if you do not be aware of the cookware you use to cook your meals for your family. These are our top recommendations for healthy cooking and the most efficient kitchen utensils you can make use of to cook Indian cooking.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is a great choice to cook in. It is a great vessel to cook many different meals and is able to retain 60-70 percent of its nutrients. Avoid stainless steel utensils that are polished with chromium or nickel as they can be harmful to health.

Cast Iron

One of the most durable and durable metals that can be used to cook food is iron. Cookware made of cast iron can contain little amounts of iron which leak out of it. This is beneficial for us. If you suffer from an iron overdose, it is best to not use such appliances. The modern-day cast iron utensils come with a safe coating that helps to stop the leaching of iron and are more durable and easy to care too. Visit this site for fruitful information cooking right now.


Undoubtedly one of the safest cooking tools you can use for cooking is glassware. Glassware is non-reactivewhich means it does not release any harmful substances into the food or absorb nutrients. It is mainly used to cook food in the microwave.


Brass is a great material for cooking because it holds up to 90 percent of the nutritional value. Utensils made of brass can be used to preserve the best way to keep the best nutrients of the food being cooked. The only disadvantage of using them is cleaning them because special care must be taken when washing these tools. If the food is too acidic, don't cook with such utensils.


Bronze is a nutritious cooking medium but it can preserve around 97% of the nutritional quotient of the food intact. However, be conscious of any nickel or tin that could be added to these utensils because it could cause health hazards. It is best to purchase authentic bronze utensils that come from an authorized source.

6. Clay Pots

Clay cooks slowly and assists in keeping the water and nutrients from the food intact. The most significant drawback with clay is that it takes longer to cook in comparison to other types of materials. Beware of buying pots with glazes. They could have harmful chemical compounds that can be released when cooking.

For cooking purposes it is recommended to avoid using cookware

When cooking with some types of kitchen utensils can provide extra health benefits, but on the other on the other hand, there are certain products that can be harmful when cooking food with them. Here are some cookware products you should not use to cook food.


There is no doubt that when it comes down to stir-frying or sauteing food, cookware made of ceramic is a fantastic choice. The problem is that the ceramic cookware has a thin ceramic coating. This could result in the aluminum coating underneath that could pose grave health hazards. Ceramic cookware should be purchased with a thick ceramic coating that is a well-known brand.


There was a period when almost Indian households were flooded mostly aluminium utensils in their kitchen cabinets. It was established that aluminium is a toxic metal. It can be absorbed into food products and cause constipation, liver problems paralysis, constipation, and neurological disorders if used in cooking.


Granite utensils could cause serious health issues too since they are coated with a dangerous substance known as tetrafluoro ethylene. Although they look like granite, such cookware isn't really made from granite.

Non-stick Cookware

Nonstick cookware is a rage as people are more conscious about their health. These cookware is coated with Teflon and tetrafluoroethylene. These contain elements like mercury and cadmium that can cause health problems such as heart disease, cancer, and various kinds of cancer. The elements accumulate slowly and steadily in the body, causing mental and nerve disorders.

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